I am a Twin Cities Mom: Jessica Horton

Today’s I am a Twin Cities Mom feature is all about Jessica Horton!

“Hi there! I’m Jessica – a mom to three amazing human beings, Michael, Sydney and Maxwell, and wife to my middle school sweetheart, Jareck. I am a former meeting & event planner turned mindset coach and life strategist. When the pandemic hit, all of my events work vanished and I was blessed to pivot into a whole new world of coaching. It was a natural transition for me and really allowed me to tap into my passion of supporting women as they identify and crush their limiting beliefs so they can live out their wildest dreams!”

I am a Twin Cities Mom: Jessica Horton | Twin Cities Mom Collective[Photo credit: Brooke Ross Photography]

What do you love about calling the Twin Cities home?

I’m a Minnesota native! I was born in Duluth and much of my family still lives up there but we relocated to the Twin Cities when I was in elementary school. It’s always been home to me.

If we peeked in your purse right now, what would we find?

All. The. Things. From kids snacks to extra masks and sanitizer to an obscene amount of lip gloss and lipstick.

How do you prioritize friendships and connections with other women?

My female friendships are of the utmost importance to me. I have many different groups of girlfriends from my Moms, to my college besties (aka “The Fam”), to my former co-workers turned besties to my Que Wives and of course, my sisters. Each group offers a different level of support and friendship and I’m so very grateful for each of them.

Being a mom is no easy task. How do you relax and take care of you?

Self-care is big on my priority list. For a long time it wasn’t and my mental health suffered. There is a lot that goes into self-care, not just baths, facials and me time (though, those are equally important and happen weekly!). I practice yoga and mediation almost every day, gratitude journaling, walking, spending time with friends and family, and date nights with my husband.

What’s been your greatest joy in motherhood?

There have been so many, it’s hard to zero in on one. Each passing year gets better and better. I think one that stands out would be my children’s perseverance through the incredibly challenging year that 2020 was. Watching the resilience, love and joy that fills our home every day despite such a challenging year makes me feel like we’ve done something right!

What have you found most challenging in your motherhood journey?

I think the most challenging part about my motherhood journey has always been and will likely continue to be raising these sweet children to not be jaded by what they see in society. Raising black children in this time all while coming to terms with my own identity and what my blackness means to me has been incredibly difficult. I strive every day to ensure they know their greatness, their worth, and their power in this world.

How do you hope your life influences and/or inspires other women?

That’s a big one! I turn 40 this year and I’m thrilled! I spent so much of my 20s and 30s worrying about what people thought of me, playing small to fit in places where I thought people saw me, and was afraid to truly discover and embrace who I am. As I wrap up my 39th year, I feel like I am finally coming into my own. I am consistently showing up every day, working on myself so I can be of service to others. I want women to know they can pivot at any age and there is nothing wrong with starting over. I hope that I inspire other women to do the same.

Twin Cities Favorites

Date Night Restaurant: Breakfast Bar and Colita

Best place to hang out and have some fun: The lakes! Any of them. So excited for spring and being outside walking with friends and fam!

Local Boutique: Serge + Jane

Local Coffee Shop: Sit and Sip

Locally based online business: It’s a tie between baby bonito and Kobi Co

You can find and follow Jessica on her coaching website and on Instagram @jessicahortoncoaching.

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