I am a Twin Cities Mom: Erica Morrow

Today’s I am a Twin Cities Mom feature is all about Erica Morrow!

“I am a mama of three amazing kids and owner of the school/family photography company Slow Road Photo. I have been married to my best friend for 17 years, and we spend pretty much every spare minute doing our two favorite things: adventuring and eating. I am passionate about doing family life in a way that is built around rhythms and intention. I love putzing in my garden and reading, and I’m slowly but surely turning into that lady who is overcome with joy when a hummingbird takes a sip from my bird feeder.”

Blonde woman laughing leaning against a colorful wall - Slow Road PhotoWhat do you love about calling the Twin Cities home?

All of my babies took their first steps in our little NE Minneapolis kitchen, and we have been growing deep roots here ever since!

If we peeked in your purse right now, what would we find?

A chapstick, at least 3 pairs of sunglasses (all scratched, of course), my trusty Athleta masks, and probably enough coins to buy a venti latte.

How do you prioritize friendships and connections with other women?

There is a circle of women in my life without whom I would right now be in the fetal position in the corner of my bedroom, sans lipstick. They are the women who hold me up, offer the tissues (and the coffee deliveries). The ones who know the history, have heard all the jokes, and have seen the two-decade-old sweatpants in my dresser. We are raising our kids together and growing up together along the way. We celebrate birthdays together, go for walks, meet weekly with our spouses to pray together and eat delicious food, and travel together. Could not and never would want to do life without them.

Being a mom is no easy task. How do you relax and take care of you?

Deep sleep, coffee with heavy cream, and belly laughs. Oh, and I’m working on being as kind to myself as I am to everyone around me. Motherhood is no joke, and I need to give myself grace for the journey because I am doing the very best I can- and that’s more than enough.

What’s been your greatest joy in motherhood?

My husband and I are watching our babies become creative, interesting, deep humans with gifts and passions that are altogether their own. I could never have imagined the joy I feel when I’m watching them “do their thing”- dancing, playing baseball, creating an entire world out of their imaginations. Just bearing witness to the way they are living into their gifts is astonishing to me.

What have you found most challenging in your motherhood journey?

Eye contact. Because sometimes they want to talk about Pokemon for stinking EVER, and I just can’t. Being interested in their interests is a discipline that I have to work on all the time. Sitting on the floor and playing with small plastic action figures is not a task for the faint of heart.

How do you hope your life influences and/or inspires other women?

It took me over 30 years to realize that I can’t cash in all those gold stars I’ve been collecting for anything that has any real value. Striving and perfecting and being the best doesn’t actually serve my soul. Life is too short to waste a minute trying to do anything outside of accepting that I am utterly worthy of love by being exactly who I am without needing to build or create or accomplish a single thing. So instead, I want to live a life that is filled with joy and permission to play, and I want every single woman I meet to receive an invitation to do the same.

Twin Cities Favorites

Date Night Restaurant: Martina

Best place to hang out and have some fun: The patio at Sonora Grill

Local Boutique: Everyday People

Local Coffee Shop: Up Coffee

Locally based online business: JuniCharlotte (My daughter’s amazing Etsy shop!)

You can find and follow Erica on Instagram @slowroadphoto. www.slowroadphoto.com

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Kim Mortensen is the Co-Owner of Twin Cities Mom Collective. She has held many different titles throughout her life including, teacher, fundraiser, coach, and marketing professional. However, the titles held most dear to her are wife and mom. She is married to her high school sweetheart, Alex, and together they have three kids, Lucia (10), Ellia (9), and Decker (7). Kim is passionate about connecting women through the journey of motherhood, normalizing the hardships and challenges that come with the territory, and finding moments of joy and celebration in between.


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