I am a Twin Cities Mom: Brandi Lokkesmoe

Today’s I am a Twin Cities Mom feature is all about Brandi Lokkesmoe!

“I am full-time working mom of 3 amazing kids, wife of 14 years to my husband Kyle, middle child, and loyal friend! I love to be involved in my children’s activities. We welcomed a puppy last summer, he is my walking buddy and co-worker while I’ve been working from home since 2020.”

Mom and Dad posing outside with their 2 daughters and son
Photography Credit: KP photography- Kayla

What do you love about calling the Twin Cities home?

I grew up in a smaller community in North Dakota and a few years after having kids I actually tried to convince my husband to move back because I didn’t feel like we were “part of the community.”  A mom friend invited me to join a women’s group at church and I instantly met new friends.  Fast forward five or six years, my kiddos are involved in sports and school activities and we have met so many amazing families.  Minnesota is definitely home now and I can’t imagine living anywhere else!

If we peeked in your purse right now, what would we find? 

Wallet, chap stick, sunglasses, maybe a snack or hockey water bottle.

How do you prioritize friendships and connections with other women? 

As my children have grown and become more involved in sports and activities I have formed new friendships with moms. We walk during practice and chat about anything and everything.

Being a mom is no easy task. How do you relax and take care of you? 

I could definitely prioritize this a bit more. Right now, a walk with my puppy and oldest daughter are my relax time with no screens.

What’s been your greatest joy in motherhood?

Seeing my children grow into confident, happy, and kind human beings.

What have you found most challenging in your motherhood journey? 

Spending time with my husband.

How do you hope your life influences and/or inspires other women?

I hope my love, support, and encouragement inspires other women (especially my daughters) to feel strength to try anything they want to do.

Twin Cities Favorites

Date Night Restaurant: Crave

Best place to hang out and have some fun: Local Breweries

Local Boutique: I don’t really have one

Local Coffee Shop: Caribou

Locally based online business: The BowBandCo

You can find and follow Brandi on Instagram @Brandilh12

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