Fall Refresh: How To Update The Entrance Of Your Home

Fall Refresh: How To Freshen The Entrance Of Your Home | Twin Cities Mom Collective

Ladies! It’s starting to feel like fall. The cool, crisp air is coming and with the season changing it brings on all the feels. We just want to put on those cozy clothes, grab a blanket and sip on the first of many steaming pumpkin spice lattes.

I adore this time of year for so many reasons. It makes me want to spice up my wardrobe and redecorate things. My family knows how much I love to decorate, however it can get expensive to keep changing things up all the time.

One of my favorite things to do is refresh the front entrance to our home by changing out my summer floral pots for more of a fall feel. In previous years, I would purchase mums and kale plants to fill my planters as fall rolled in. However, I noticed that while they are always beautiful to start, they simply didn’t last long as the temperatures started to drop at night. And this mama ain’t got no time for covering her flowers. So a few years back I started using artificial flowers. Yes, artificial! They lasted and looked beautiful the whole season.

Getting Started

Before you go shopping for your plants and materials, take a look at what you see around you in the front of your home. Think through what look you are going for with your fall pots. What color is your home? What kind of vibe do you want the planters to have? Simple and earth tones or vibrant and bold? Make a bit of a plan before you shop in regards to color and style, it will help when picking things out.

Fall Refresh: How To Freshen The Entrance Of Your Home | Twin Cities Mom Collective

Picking Out Your Florals

I have purchased my artificial flowers in the past from Joanne Fabrics. (They generally have their florals 40-50% off, plus your online or mailer coupons work with them. Meaning, they are really affordable!) But you can also try other craft stores and shops who sell similar offerings. When picking out your foliage, I recommend using a variety of plants, flowers and textures. I have purchased things like kale, large succulents, pumpkins in a variety of colors and tall grass-like plants.

Important tip: Make sure when you are in the artificial plant area you look for the ones that are not made of silk or paper. Those won’t last as long when the mornings are damp or during any rain.

Fall Refresh: How To Freshen The Entrance Of Your Home | Twin Cities Mom Collective

Get Organized & Prepped

Once you’ve purchased your flowers and plants, let’s get started. Invite a pal to join in on the fun, or have your kiddos help! First, lay all of your purchases out tallest to shortest and color to help you stay organized as you create. Grab a large pot and make sure there is dirt in it. If you have summer flowers in the pot take those out… I know, I always feel bad taking them out before they are ready, but once it gets too cold, the roots freeze and it gets harder to clean the pot out. Trust my personal experience on this one!

Once you have your pot(s) prepped, set them in the place or places you would like them to be. Remember this is suppose to be fun and easy, don’t overthink it. These pots can be for inside or outside. If you don’t have a spot in the front of your home, place the pots anywhere they will look lovely and bring a smile to you and your guests’ faces.

Fall Refresh: How To Freshen The Entrance Of Your Home | Twin Cities Mom Collective


Start by placing the taller ones in the back and push them deep into the dirt. If the stems are too long and you can’t get them pushed into the dirt far enough, you can either bend the end or use a wire cutter to make them shorter.

Now start by filling in the sides with your other shorter plants. If you have any pumpkins or other accessories, add those into the middle or place on the side and fill around them with smaller plants and foliage.

And you’re done! Take a walk around your beautiful creations and give yourself a high-five. The best part to these planters is you can keep them up through the Thanksgiving holiday, and you don’t need to buy new flowers each year. Plus, your entryway pots will continue to look vibrant and fresh the entire season long!

Fall Refresh: How To Freshen The Entrance Of Your Home | Twin Cities Mom Collective

One last tip for you: If you plan to create winter pots, just bring these beauties into the garage for a day or 2 and let them thaw out before trying to pull out your fall items. I purchased a storage tub from Target for storage year to year.

Now… go! Hop in your car, grab that pumpkin spice latte and happy shopping!

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