How to Find Me-Time

As a new and working mom, I struggle to set aside “Me” time in my week. I work evenings and weekends, so this makes my free time even scarcer. I often see what other moms are doing and wonder how they find the time to do fun things for themselves without the kids. I found some ways to give myself alone-time without the guilty feeling of doing sometime enjoyable without my family.

How to Find Me-Time | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Find what helps you de-stress
For me, I am most relaxed on the couch with coffee and a binge-worthy TV show. This is not relaxing when there is a one-year old running around, but when I am by myself it definitely helps me recharge. I find this place best at night when my son is in bed and my husband is working in the garage or doing something that helps him de-stress. We do not do this every night, but once a week we know that it is okay to do our own thing and be alone.

Take turns with your spouse for errands
Make errands a me-time activity instead of a stressful activity. Run errands when both you and your spouse are home so one of you can stay with the kids and the other one can do the errands. When it is your turn to do the shopping, grab a Starbucks and enjoy it. I found that my late night Target runs and going through every aisle mindlessly is a good get-away for me.

Schedule a “date night” with your spouse or friend and make it a priority
I find some of my me-time is best shared with someone else. My husband and I have a home-date planned every Wednesday night. No matter when we get home in the evening from work or activities, we know that we are going to spend time together. We always wait until our son goes to bed, and then we get take-out and play a game or watch a movie together. It is so simple, but we always look forward to our mid-week home date.

Understand that taking time for yourself is not selfish
You are not a bad mom for wanting a few hours alone. Recharging will help you be more present and energized for your family. Getting your hair and nails done every once in awhile will increase your self-esteem and that directly influences how productive you can be throughout your day.

I have talked with so many other moms who struggle with the me-time category of life. It is hard to make time, but when you do it, it is so worth it. I know that some moms like to wake up early before everyone else and go on a walk or run outside or have breakfast alone and read a book. Whenever the time is during your busy day, make sure you take it and use it.

What are some ideas you have for making Mom-time a priority?

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Being born and raised in the Twin Cities, Emily is a true Minnesotan. She and her husband, Ian, have been married since 2014. Emily always had a dream of being a mom. Ian and Emily now live in Eagan with their two boys, Jude (2016) and Ash (2018). Emily works nights and weekends as a Classical Ballet Instructor at Ballet Royale Minnesota and spends her days playing with her active toddler and baby. She is addicted to coffee and loves writing about her adventures being a mommy. You can read more about her personal life on her blog ( or Instagram


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