How I Became a Mom: International Adoption

With Mother’s Day coming up, we’re taking this week to share stories from our own Twin Cities Moms Blog Contributors on how they became mothers. We all have unique stories, and some of our stories are still being written. We hope you enjoy reading about these moms’ experiences!

Halloween 2011. I sat at my desk at work, making my way through the day’s task list. My cellphone, more like an extension of my hand those days, sat face-up on my desk, right next to my mouse.

I was in a brief meeting at my desk with a coworker when my phone lit up. It caught my eye – a Missouri number. Our adoption agency was in Missouri. Could this be THE CALL? After being on a waiting list to be matched with a child for 19 long months, could this finally be the day?

My stomach felt like it had 1,000 butterflies in there and I trembled while picking up the phone. I quickly made my way to our company’s conference room for some privacy. The social worker on the line greeted me briefly and then said she was going to add my husband to the call. He too, was at work.

She dialed his number. She couldn’t reach him. Of course. We tried a few different numbers and finally got through. Thank goodness!

Once all of us were on the call, our social worker told us that we were matched with a little girl, five months old, described as happy and healthy. All of the paperwork and photos of her would be emailed to us momentarily. She said more, but I don’t think I was really listening after that. All I could think of was our little girl. A daughter. I was going to be the mom of a little five-month old girl from Ethiopia.

Prior to this, my husband and I planned to meet at home whenever we got “the call” so we could be together when seeing our child for the first time. Keeping true to the plan and resisting any temptation to peek at my email before leaving the office, I gathered my things and headed home. Looking back, I’m pretty sure I didn’t ask permission to leave work. I think I just left! Everything was a blur and I couldn’t think clearly. All I could think of was that I had a daughter!

We got home, set up a camera to record us seeing her for the first time, and opened up our email. With a few clicks, there she was. Our daughter.

How I Became a Mom: International Adoption | Twin Cities Moms Blog

It’s hard to describe that moment. It was wonderful in every sense of the word. It signified the end of a tough chapter in our lives – the waiting – and the beginning of a new chapter that we would be writing for all the rest of our days – parenthood. 

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Amber has lived in Minnesota her whole life, with a 4-year stint in Iowa for college (Go Norse!). She and her husband met while both trying to kayak for the first time. The kayaking didn’t go well, but their relationship did! They’ve been married for over 10 years and have four incredible children. Amber describes herself as a recovering perfectionist, unashamed introvert, and extremely empathetic. Her favorite moments are those rare ones during the day when time stands still and she can see with fresh eyes the amazing little people who call her mom.


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