How Both You and Your Child Can Enjoy Northern Star Scouting Camps Year-Round

Our partners at Northern Star Scouting share their many great camping options, including both day camps and unique parent-and-child sleepaway camps.

Northern Start Camping

If you’re looking for a new a new activity for your kids, consider joining the Cub Scouts. Northern Star Scouting camps are a great opportunity for your child to learn important skills like leadership and problem solving, along with a variety of specific outdoor skills. They’re also a whole lot of fun. Northern Star Scouting has so many great camping options, including both day camps and our unique parent-and-child sleepaway camps.

Northern Star Day Camps

Northern Star Scouting provides a wide range of fall and winter day camp options that kids are sure to love. They can laugh, learn, and have fantastic experiences that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. For a taste of Scouting, Discovery Day Camps are open to members and nonmembers alike. 

These camps focus on a variety of sports and other physical activities that can set children up with new lifelong hobbies and pursuits. By building a solid foundation of healthy activity at a young age, we’re preparing children to lead happy, healthy, and meaningful lives.

Day camps are a great option if your child might not be quite ready for a sleepaway camp. They’ll get to have a lot of fun and meet new friends while still going back to the comfort of their own homes each night. Many of our day camp attendees eventually move up to our sleepaway camps once they see just how fun camp can be.

Our summer and fall day camps feature a wide range of outdoor activities like archery, climbing, ga-ga ball, hiking, crafts, and more. Many of our sites offer winter day camps as well, with outdoor winter fun like sledding, broomball, tubing and snowshoeing. We have year-round options to let your kids enjoy the outdoors. 

Northern Star Sleepaway Camps

Our weekend summer camps run every weekend, Friday through Sunday, from June through August. These sleepaway camps are a fantastic opportunity for kids to really immerse themselves in the outdoors, develop their skills, and form lasting friendships.

Our sites offer a wide range of different sleepaway camp options. These include family-friendly camps for both children and their parents. You can spend the weekend with your kids enjoying the great outdoors and all of the unique activities our camps offer. You’ll also get to see the impact that Scouting has on how kids grow and learn.

Here is just a sampling of our planned activities:

  • Outdoor camping skills
  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Crafts
  • Geocaching
  • Archery
  • Boating & Canoeing
  • Climbing walls
  • Various sports
  • Campfires

Your child can choose which of these great activities appeals to them most and can come back from camp with new skills and great memories. We provide suitable guidance and instruction to help both beginners and those with experience make the most of their camping time.

Camp counselors and program directors are all trained in first aid and other health and safety requirements, along with the specialized training required to let your child enjoy our many activities safely. We follow all Scouts BSA safety guidelines for our outdoor and sporting activities.

Our various properties have a wide range of different accommodations, with cabins available to sleep groups from 4 to 160 and just about any number in between. We also offer tent camping for Scouts who are looking to really take to the outdoors.

A sleepaway camp with Northern Star Scouting could be just what you and your child need to make the most of summer. We’d love to have you come to experience the great outdoors and everything our camps have to offer!

Convenient, Affordable, and Fun Camping in Minnesota

We have a variety of camp locations, with acres of outdoor space along with some great facilities. Most of our locations are spread out around the Twin Cities, just a short drive outside the metro area.

As a Scouting organization, we encourage packs and dens to attend together for the best bonding experience. However, individuals are free to sign up and take the time to meet some new friends.

Our priority is to offer a range of camp opportunities at an affordable price. Camping is a touchstone of the Scout experience, so Northern Start Scouting does everything we can to allow as many kids as possible to enjoy this highlight of the Scouting year.

Day camps and sleepaway camps present a wide range of options for your child to have the experience of a lifetime here in Minnesota. You can check availability and sign up for the next camping opportunity today.


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