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Hey!Joy – Not Your Typical Toy Store

I don’t know about you all, but I am really missing the in-person shopping experience after months of online browsing and buying. Too many gifts arrived last year that were not up to par with their descriptions. This mom spent more time returning purchases than actually enjoying the holidays.

For me, there is nothing like grabbing a yummy coffee drink and heading to do some holiday shopping. The music, the decorations, the anticipation… it’s something I have truly missed!

And thanks to the events of the past year, I have also missed out on a new Twin Cities gem, and you may have too!

My family and I recently came across Hey!Joy Toy Store at the Mall of America. Hey!Joy is a new European-based toy company that opened its first U.S. store at the MOA last December. It is likely one of the largest toy stores in Minnesota.

Hey!Joy Toys store entrance

Upon arrival, I quickly realized Hey!Joy is not your typical toy store; they call it a “discovery store” or what’s known as experiential retailing. So what does that mean for us? That means we get to bring our kids and enjoy some fun, free activities, and a chance to try out some toys.

Some of the free activities include:

  • 360-degree movie dome where you can watch short films
  • Selfie station with different backgrounds
  • Candy-making section where the store manager makes colorful lollipops.

Hey!Joy Toys candy making section

What I liked most among its 11,000 square feet of space, 12 departments, and over 10,000 toys in stock, were the toy demonstration areas. My family got to see the toys in action or try them ourselves. You better believe my Notes app was out, and I was furiously typing. No more dust collector toys this year!

One other thing I noticed is they have many European brands on the shelf. I saw interesting and different toys from Germany, France, and Spain. Overall, It’s kind of a mix between a boutique toy store and a Target. As I understand, they order toys based on what kids and parents are searching for on the internet. So there is always something new and exciting to see!

Hey!Joy Toys So, if you are looking for the ultimate “try before you buy” experience, I highly encourage you to head over to Hey!Joy Toy Store this holiday season. You may find me there, in the 360-degree movie dome room, peppermint mocha in hand.

Hey!Joy Toys 360 Dome Theater

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