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Halloween 2020: Don’t Give Up, Get Creative

Halloween 2020: Don't Give Up, Get Creative | Twin Cities Mom Collective

It’s the year of the pivot, right? There are so many things we’ve had to change BUT rather than give up on yet another activity, let’s get creative! There are a number of ways to keep Halloween alive this year. These ideas can be for just your family (or even your quaranteam!) Just remember, donning costumes always makes for a fun filled Halloween no matter WHAT you’re doing!

  • Family Night: Everyone dress up, enjoy a fun dinner in the living room with a movie rolling.
  • Haunted House: Turn your house into a (kid-friendly) haunted house. Bonus points for a fog machine.
  • Trick-or-Treat Your House: Hide candy all over your house for your littles to find.
  • Scavenger Hunt: go on a scavenger hunt adventure for Halloween related items around your neighborhood. Check out Pinterest for some great free downloads.
  • Virtual Costume Party: Decorate your living room, get everyone in costume and call all of your friends and family for a video call.
  • Walk-by Parties: If you’re comfortable with going outside and keeping distance from your drive-way try this! Set up a table at the end of your drive way with candy or treats, then hang out on your drive way. You can still interact with neighbors but keep everyone at a comfortable distance. Bonus points: Add a theme. Our family is dressing up as a football family, so we’re making it a tailgate party.
  • Outdoor Movie Night: String some lights, bring out all the sleeping bags and blankets, and cozy up beneath the stars for a movie night outside!
  • Pumpkin Carving/Painting Contest: Outdoors of course, but isn’t it always better to keep the mess outside? And planting each kid on a large square of newsprint or craft paper gives them very obvious social distancing guidelines.
  • Costume Parade: March your kids proudly around the neighborhood to show off their costumes. A thermos of hot chocolate and Halloween treat bags at the end always makes for a festive atmosphere.
  • At-home Party with Your Bubble: Have a small group of people you’ve been quaran-teaming with? Have them over, wear your masks and enjoy some social distancing fun!
  • Planning to go out and trick-or-treat? Use these guidelines to make it extra safe:
    • Find a costume that includes a mask and gloves (hey – it IS Minnesota, but rumors say it might be 50 degrees so we may not need our winter gear –  woo hoo!).
    • Wash your hands before you eat candy (so really…this probably shouldn’t be just a 2020 rule).

Whatever you do, we hope you enjoy it! This year has held a lot of loss, but this is still a day we can have FUN – Happy Halloween!

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