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Guilt-Free Quarantine Badges for Moms

Twin Cities Mom Collective
Happy Asian woman present gold trophy to celebrate success

We’ve never quarantined before and let me tell you – you’re KILLING it. Truly – making this work without warning, training or anyone to teach us how to manage it, we are all making this happen.

It’s not easy, but here’s what helps…guilt-free, grace-filled living.

If we could, we’d give you a trophy. You’ve certainly earned it. But since we can’t present you with one, because, you know, social distancing, we have virtual badges for you. Guilt-free mom badges for all of your quarantine accomplishments.

Think we’re kidding? Nope – this is real life ladies…and these badges honor just that. Real life moms. Congrats – we’re proud of you and we’re in it right alongside you.