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Get Your Swimsuit On!… Trends for 2020

Get Your Swimsuit On! (Trends for 2020) | Twin Cities Mom Collective


Currently, I’m watching giant snowflakes that resemble ash flow down from the sky. Hard to be in the mood, a bit, to write about the upcoming swimsuit season. But, alas, it’s that time of year here in MN, where we fluctuate from 70 degree days to a blizzard in a matter of hours. Before we know it, we’ll be laying out in our swimsuits and trying to find a place to swim in this new “normal” for the summer. We bought our house about five years ago and it came with a pool, which we use to the fullest! We recently opened it up for the season and the water is a balmy 58 degrees. The kids can’t wait to dive in! Meanwhile, I’ll be huddled on the chair in my sweatpants and sweatshirt dreaming of the day when I can join them in my swimming suit!

As a mama to four, with a pool, and spending half my time at the lakes up north, my suits range in coverage and style. To me, swimming suits are another way to express myself since they are what I wear the majority of the summer. I will often find some mismatched tops at Target on clearance and pair them with a crazy-style bottom.

My go-to spots for more affordable swimming suits are Target and American Eagle/Aerie. I’ve also heard good things about the Calia by Carrie Underwood brand sold at Dick’s Sporting Goods. However, I also have a few suits that I would consider a necessity. The kind that I know will stay on (and remain in great shape) through water skiing, going down slides at Valleyfair, and tubing with my kids. They have lasted me years and are well worth the price! Athleta and Albionfit are my favorites for more pricey, yet super durable and well-fitting suits.

Here’s some of the top trends this swim season:

  • Animal prints, tie-dye and neon colors (aka my childhood!) are all the rage this season – with snake-print being the hottest ticket item.
  • Cut-out one piece suits. If you’re not desiring to go full out on a bikini, a cut-out one-piece is a great option. It gives you some coverage while also playing with different curves and angles through the cut-outs.
  • High-waisted bikini bottoms are still a hot item. The “cheeky” fashion hit last summer (which was a spin-off of some 80s fashion with thong bikinis and high cut bottoms on one-pieces) and is here to stay – I can’t do cheeky but way to go mama if you rock it! I do love the high-waisted look. I have hips, so pairing my high-waisted bottoms with different style tops is one of my favorite looks. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns either – like these stripes with a floral top look!
  • Another big trend this year are twists, ties and ruffles! Pieces that function both as a swimsuit, and a top, are highly popular. Once you’re done swimming, dry off, throw on a pair of shorts and you’re all set!
  • To help guide the female body, wrap suits, color block pieces, and variety of stripes will be available in one-piece swim this season. Perfect for those days when you want to feel all tucked in and comfortable to move and play around with your kids without a care in the world!

The biggest piece of advice I have for this season…put that suit on and get in the water! Your kids don’t care how you look in it, or if you’re feeling okay & comfortable in it. They will remember that you held their hand while counting to three, jumping in, and that you came up laughing. They will remember you going down the waterslide with them when they were scared. Or you choosing to jump on the water trampoline with them, even if you pee a little bit while you do. Or standing in the cold water, holding their life jacket up, while you teach them to waterski for the first time. They will remember splashing you when you were on the floatie trying to get a tan. Or listening to you scream on the tube as the boat made a sharpe curve. You’re their mom. They just want YOU, in all your uncomfortableness and insecurity. Just rock it, mama, however it suits YOU!

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