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Step into an Immersive Floral Experience at the Galleria’s World of Wonders!

Is your family craving the magic and beauty of the growing season, but feeling a little bummed by the slow-to-warm-up Minnesota climate?

Step into an immersive floral experience at the Galleria’s fourth annual exhibit of World of Wonders!

In collaboration with Bachman’s Gardens, the Galleria mall (Edina) common areas have been turned into a magical tour of floral displays, whimsical surprises, and incredible botanical artistry. Landscape architect Bryan Kramer created more than 20 different displays using 100+ varieties of trees, shrubs, plants, and of course, lots and lots of stunning spring flora in every color imaginable.

This year’s World of Wonders theme gives a nod to magical fairy-tale lands, with a bit of a disco dazzle, making it the perfect display to charm any child, or child at heart. What kid doesn’t love rainbows and glitter?

In fact, this is a perfect activity to bring children. The team at Galleria and Bachman’s set up the experience to delight your child and set them up on a mystical hunt. When I told my four year old we were headed to the mall to look at flowers he gave me a less than favorable glare. By the end of the visit, he was so charmed I practically had to pull him out of there, only cooperating after I promised to return.

We started the adventure by first finding the concierge desk located in the middle of the middle. Check on any of the interactive maps in the Galleria, or look for the Vineyard Vines store. At the concierge, you can pick up your World of Wonders map as well as a magnifying glass for each child. I underestimated the perk that is handing a child a map and magnifying glass. From that point on, he was my guide. The map gives a little clue as to what magical scene you are hunting for next, and he took great pleasure in spotting each one. From the giant butterfly wings to the goofy frog to the light up rainbow, there were squeals of delight around every corner.

We were even surprised to discover stores along the walk added their own touch to floral magic in their window displays. It was like an endless game of eye spy, and a delight to the eyes at that.

My four year old also loved knowing the story about how the garden was created. Overnight gardeners from Bachman’s set up each scene day by day, like tiny elves leaving secret surprises. To keep things fresh throughout the run, all the flowering bulbs are replaced halfway through by the night shift gardeners who keep the exhibit groomed.

“Are they magical, Mommy?” he asked me, eyes wide with wonder.

Looking at all the stunning smells and textures and colors alive before me, I could only answer honestly.

“They must be.”

Come see for yourself the magic of floral artistry at The World of Wonders in the Galleria in Edina!

A few delights to look for when you make your visit:

A toadstool forest with mushrooms up to 12 ft. tall.
A glittery snail
Not one but TWO rainbow displays, one that lights up!
A hot pink toad with the cutest grin.
Wings ready to turn you into a glittery butterfly.
A 10 ft. tall willow tree sculpture in a surprising neon hue.
A delight of your own we haven’t even discovered yet! There is so much to spot!

WHEN: March 26 – April 9, 2023. Hours are 10 am– 7 pm, Monday through Saturday; and 11 am– 6 pm on Sunday.

WHERE: The World of Wonders will bloom throughout the Galleria Shopping Center, 69th Street and France Avenue in Edina, Minnesota.


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