First Time Mom (Again): 10 Things I Googled

First Time Mom (Again): 10 Things I Googled | Twin Cities Moms Blog

This past spring we added our fourth baby into our not-so-little crew. 

Preparing for her arrival I was pretty confident in my mommy skills. I mean, this wasn’t my first rodeo. I’ve done the newborn thing three times already! She would be a piece of cake. Right? 


You see, there are almost 12 years between my oldest and youngest, and almost a seven-year gap between my two youngest. 

I was in for a rude awakening. 

Thankfully, our baby is truly what people call an easy baby. She eats well, sleeps well, handles sicknesses like a champ, and is very chill and easy going. But even still there have been times these past six months that I have been finding myself asking so many questions, texting friends with younger babies, and when they aren’t available – googling. 

 10 Things I Googled as a First Time Mom (Again) 

  1. What does newborn, formula-fed poop look like? (and yes, I spent hours comparing my newborn’s poop to poop images online) 
  2. Does my newborn sleep too much?
  3. Does my newborn sleep enough? 
  4. Will I ever sleep again?  (not even kidding) 
  5. Can my baby have Tylenol? 
  6. How much should my baby eat? How often? What type of formula? Should I use nursery water? Should I sanitize her bottles? (Ok, so fine – this was five questions rolled into one) 
  7. What is an acceptable amount of baby throw up? 
  8. Am I crazy if I call the nurse line more than five times a day? (Those poor ladies!) 
  9. Does my baby have a fever even if the temperature says she does not? She feels hot. She must be sick. Right? Right? 
  10. Can my baby wear sunscreen? Can she go into the pool? Will chlorine make her sick? What if she drinks pool water? (see what I did there again?)

Seriously, these were not the only TEN questions I had. I was brimming with them. And now with each new stage she grows into, I can add 100 more questions. I’m not even kidding. And for the record, I consider myself to be a pretty laid back mama. Or at least I used to be! 

When my bigs were little, I was the first of my friends to have babies, and Google wasn’t a huge thing yet, so my resources were limited. This time around, I feel like I have SO much support. From friends who have recently been through the baby phase to the doctor’s office that now knows me by name to Google, which is just a keystroke away. 

I am thankful for the online community, such as this one, who makes me feel sane even if I haven’t showered in a week, who cheer for me as I re-learn how to be a mommy to a sweet little baby, and who are a wealth of knowledge and encouragement. 

If you are a new mama, what have you googled lately? Share with us all!

Cari Dugan is a lifestyle photographer and writer in Minneapolis Minnesota. She writes candidly about everyday life and experiences on being a wife and a mother on her blog Dugans in Cahoots ( ) You can also keep up with her on Instagram (@cariduganphotography ) Her husband, and four children make life what it is – A Beautiful Mess.


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