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{Disclosure: This list is brought to you by our line-up of favorite local brands. Every last one of these recommendations are truly favorites of Twin Cities Moms Blog, and we personally solicited all companies for inclusion.}

It’s back! This year we brought back our most beloved feature – TCMB Favorite Things. Our fourth adventure into this feature, this list is one you will love to dig into! We have a heart for small and local businesses, those that really shine with what they are selling, making and creating. Those businesses you love to support because of all they represent and how they love to represent the Twin Cities with their products. We spent a literal year creating this year’s list of local businesses that inspire and dazzle us with their products. Without further ado – here is our 2018 TCMB Favorite Things list!

Favorite Things2018

Cameron's Coffee | All Blends


Cameron’s Coffee sees the world as a “mug-half-full kind of place – with the next enchanting roast to entice your senses and brighten the color of your day.” This coffee, roasted in Shakopee, Minnesota, is known to be smooth and never bitter.

They said it best and we completely agree… “the more satisfying your sips, the more delightful your days.” We love all of their fun flavors – find them at your local Target, Hy-Vee or Cub Foods. 

Good Karma Skincare | 4 in 1 Cream


Cynthia Ransom, founder and potionmaster, is a licensed naturopath and started the business from her home. Lux 7 is their natural, nutrient-dense line that works to erase the signs of time: fewer wrinkles, smooth & firm skin, and a glow that radiates from within – naturally.

This is a ‘rave about’ product. The company spent two years working on this formula to get it just right and it literally is four products in one: day moisturizer, skin refining serum, eye cream and night cream. And, while you can get it on Amazon, we highly recommend you stop by a local retailer that carries this product and take the local love one step farther!

Hagen and Oats | Wooden Minnesota Signs


Two sisters and some tools! Nikki and Anna were born and raised in Minnesota, and they’ve always been hands-on girls. The sisters acquiring a band saw from family, they decided to make a piece of art for Anna’s mantel. They posted the piece on Facebook and within a few hours, had seven orders! They never intended to start a company, but opportunities kept presenting themselves! 

The company’s designs are hand-crafted, hand-stained and made with love. Each piece of art is cut with a scroll saw, colored with several stains and distressed by hand. There are slight imperfections and uniqueness with each piece. Find their booth this year at the Minnesota State Fair in the Grandstand!

Illume Candles | Pineapple Cilantro Scent


Illume lives to create! They manufacture in the same building where they create in Minneapolis. There aren’t a lot of places for designers to work where they can create something and then see it made into a beautiful finished product ready for shipment.

The scent of their candles is divine. We fell head over heels for this Pineapple-Cilantro scent, which is easily a new favorite. In the winter months, this candle will remind you of a beach vacation while you stay nice and cozy here in Minnesota! 

J Marie and Sweet Pea | Twin Cities Art Prints


McKenzie’s love for design, story-telling, and stationery was inspired by her sweet mother, J.Marie, who loves snail mail and all things paper. The mother-daughter business, J. Marie and Sweet Pea, was officially born with a set of cards designed for Mother’s Day in 2013. Their hope is that their “stationery can make you smile and cause you to take time to reflect and share your heart with someone you care for.”

Check out their full line of products from prints to cards to notebooks and more. The Minneapolis skyline print is one of our favorites!

Maddy and Maize | Birthday Cake Gourmet Popcorn


Birthday Cake popcorn?! This is one of those treats where you finish the bag and can’t quite figure out how that happened. But we know…it’s because it’s irresistible. This is perfect for any birthday party treat or to just purchase and eat on your own while hiding from your kids. Their other flavors are just as delicious.

Maddy and Maize is all-natural, non-GMO, whole grain popcorn. It does not include artificial ingredients or preservatives – find a local retailer near you here. We’re not saying we’ve gone on a hunt for it before and hit up multiple locations to find what we needed, but…well, maybe.

North Mallow | Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Chip Gourmet Mallows


North Mallow creates all-natural, gourmet marshmallows in a variety of flavors. Their mallows are made with high quality ingredients including whole vanilla bean, homemade caramel and agave nectar.

Each batch is locally crafted in Minneapolis, Minnesota and creates new campfire memories for friends and family to share together. Their mallows add new flavors to the classic s’more, a cup of hot cocoa, or a fun dessert at home! You can find them at a host of local retailers.

Fun fact: they don’t catch on fire!

Northern Glasses | Minneapolis Tumblers


Northern Glasses is a company that builds brands to fight for things that matter. It isn’t possible to spend time in countries where water isn’t accessible and not feel the deep injustice that exists. Northern Glasses is a creative outlet bringing businesses, artists, and consumers together to tackle the water crisis that exists all over the world.

Each glass purchased makes it possible for someone to have access to a gallon of water. The Minneapolis Skyline Pint Glass is designed by a true Minnesotan, made in Minnesota, and the perfect gift for any Minnesota lover.

Patina | Pineapple Tumbler


Patina’s been around since 1993, growing to six area locations. Walking around the store is one of the best ways to spend the afternoon with a girlfriend or to escape for some me time. Their goal is quite simple – to create an environment housed with accessories for a good life. They always have beautiful products, but also fun items that you often can’t find anywhere else, and they are always showcasing something new. Patina offers a shopping experience that is meant to elevate your senses, broaden your perspective and invoke a lifestyle change.

We were so excited to see such a cute item in their store that went along with our pineapple theme! 

Seven Sundays | Blueberry Chia Buckwheat Muesli


Hannah Barnstable, founder of Minneapolis-based Seven Sundays, believes that the best mornings start with good food and that making good food isn’t complicated. She uses real, unprocessed ingredients and recipes crafted in the kitchen (not in a science lab). That’s why she overhauled a hundred-year-old recipe for the original cereal, to give you a strong start to your busy day. Muesli is part whole grains, part fruit, part nuts and seeds, and completely delicious! 

The Blueberry Chia Buckwheat muesli is their top-seller – a simple and delicious blend of chewy blueberries and apples, crispy coconut strips, superfood chia seeds and a blend of ancient grains, all lightly sweetened with a hint of organic wild flower honey. We love this flavor soaked overnight in milk or scooped into our favorite pancake mix. All Seven Sundays’ products are naturally gluten-free and contain no refined sugars or GMOs. They are available at grocery stores nationwide, as well as online.

Our Photography Sponsor | Ashley Elwill Photography


Ashley of Ashley Elwill Photography was our photography sponsor for this year’s feature and we highly recommend her! She’s a mama to two kids and loves animals. When she isn’t taking pictures, she loves to explore the world with her family. They enjoy hiking, playing with their dogs and exploring the neighborhood of Northeast Minneapolis. 

***All photos in this feature were taken by Ashley Elwill Photography and cannot be used again without permission from Twin Cities Moms Blog.

Our Host | The Hasty Tasty


The Hasty Tasty crew is a team-based organization where collaboration and hard work are core values. Every day, their goal is to provide customers with a fantastic dining experience. Everything they do represents who they are and the foods and recipes they love to make, eat and share. Let them be your weeknight go-to or your weekend celebration! Whether dining in or grab’n take-out, good food is what they do.

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***All photos in this feature were taken by Ashley Elwill Photography and cannot be used again without permission from Twin Cities Moms Blog.


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