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From My Favorite Corner: Fostering Independence

from the owner's desk

Have you checked out our newest, regular series, written by our Founder? This week’s edition touches on struggles, and how we all face our own.

Independence. It’s something we all want our kids to lean into, but the process for both them and us is not a road without bumps, and even a few tears. If I’m honest, the tears in my house through this process are mostly my own, as I watch my children grow and learn and need me less and less each day. All good things, skills they need, mountains they really can climb without me.  I’ll be there for them on the days they can’t go it alone, but it’s not always easy to be needed less and less, even if it’s good.

In honor of this holiday weekend, as we celebrate our nation’s Independence Day, let’s also celebrate the moments our children show their own free spirits. When they step out in courage, even when it’s simply those first baby steps, and do it on their own. I am so grateful for the independence and freedoms we have and thankful to watch my children grow into those privileges on their own. Below are a few thoughts on just that.

My desk is my new favorite corner of our home. It’s my little haven, a place of rest that is personalized just for me, and no one else. It’s also the place I get to dig into our writer’s articles, do a little dreaming for TCMB events and even a little dreaming for myself. Our writers truly put a lot into their articles and we want to be sure you get a chance to see them more often!

Each Sunday, I’ll be sharing a few thoughts and a handful of articles on a specific theme. We’ve had well over 40 writers total in our 2+ years in action and the wisdom, knowledge and tips they’ve shared is wide!

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