Embracing the Winter Storm

Embracing the Winter Storm | Twin Cities Moms Blog
With forecasts of big snowfalls followed by plummeting temperatures with the highs below zero—we are making sure we are prepared! We spent our weekend stocking up on groceries + hot cocoa and made sure to swing by the library for a fresh stack of books. I’m trying to see the glass as half full during this winter storm. So I’m ready for some family Hygee time, turning on our Winterland Okee Dokee Brothers CD and working on embracing the #BoldNorth.  
Below are just a few fun ways that we are planning on embracing the winter storm this time around. 
Frozen Bubbles 
This little cold weather science experiment is fun for kids of all ages. Bundle the kids up and grab those bubbles you forgot about in the garage last summer. Start by asking the kids what they think will happen to the bubbles? Have them blow the bubbles high into the air, or blow them & then catch them on the wand and wait for the magic to happen! 
Bring the Snow Inside! 
Is it too cold for your little one to play outside? Bring the snow into them! Simply fill a shallow tote, large bowl or baking dish with snow and let them dig in! We used to do this all the time when my boys were younger and they loved it. Give them some scoops, fill a muffin tin with water + food coloring and add some brushes and let them “paint” the snow. The options are endless! 
Ice Jewels
This activity needs a little planning ahead. Fill up several balloons (we use regular sized balloons) with water + a couple drops of food coloring. Set the balloons outside overnight to freeze. In the morning if the balloon hasn’t split, take scissors and cut where you tied the balloon and the rest should easily fall off.  Now you have magical “ice jewels”. They can simply be fun to look at or if it is warm enough to play outside, let your kids’ imagination run wild with them.  
Snow Ice Cream
My youngest LOVES to eat snow. So when I found this recipe for snow ice cream, I knew we would be making the next big snowfall. I love that all it takes is 4 simple ingredients that you probably have in your kitchen right now. Don’t forget the sprinkles! 
Maple Syrup Snow Candy
Another fun snow-day treat is to make maple syrup snow candy just like Laura Ingalls Wilder from Little House on the Prairie. I found an easy recipe here; feel free to omit the ginger to make it more kid-friendly. 
Turning Boiling Water Into Snow
With little kids, you might want to skip this one. However, check out these fun videos to show them what happens when you throw boiling water in the air when temperatures are below zero.  
What are your favorite ways to embrace the extreme cold? Stay warm, be safe, but don’t forget to find the fun in winter with your kids! 
Embracing the Winter Storm | Twin Cities Moms Blog
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