Ectopic Pregnancy: What You Should Know

Our partners at The Urgency Room are here to share about ectopic pregnancy. They provide clarity on what signs and symptoms to be aware of in case you find yourself in this difficult position.

Ectopic Pregnancy: What You Should Know | Twin Cities Mom CollectiveWhen you’re hoping to add to your family, that little plus sign on the pregnancy test is a cause for celebration. However, sometimes an egg implants itself outside the uterus. When this happens, it’s considered a medical emergency. Here’s what you should know.

Signs and Symptoms

If you’ve been trying for another child and you start having abdominal or pelvic pain, vaginal bleeding or if you faint early in your pregnancy, it’s important that you are seen by a health care provider right away to determine whether you’ve got an ectopic pregnancy.

The reason this condition requires fast medical care is the ectopic pregnancy can seriously threaten the mother’s life. Sadly, this type of pregnancy is not viable because a fetus can’t grow outside the uterus. It must be handled as soon as possible because the risk of rupturing and causing severe bleeding inside the mother’s abdomen is high. When an ectopic pregnancy happens, it can result in the need for a blood transfusion, emergency surgery, or even death without medical intervention.

An obstetrician will need to determine if the mother can be treated with a medication or if surgery is necessary.

Risk Factors

Sometimes it’s hard to know if the symptoms you’re feeling are enough to send you to the doctor. If you suspect that you might have an ectopic pregnancy, there are some things that can increase your risk.

  • Prior pelvic infections such as pelvic inflammatory disease, chlamydia, or gonorrhea
  • Fertility treatments
  • Advanced maternal age
  • Conception after tubal ligation
  • Conception with an IUD in place

If you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms and there’s a chance you could be pregnant, visit The Urgency Room right away to be evaluated. Our board-certified emergency physicians and medical staff will check your pregnancy hormone levels and determine if you need a pelvic ultrasound, which can be performed onsite.

The Urgency Room (UR) is a state-of-the art medical facility specializing in the treatment of acute injuries and illnesses in adults, children, and infants. Staffed with board-certified emergency physicians, the UR is prepared to handle it all. If you need immediate medical attention and don’t need an ambulance, come to The Urgency Room.

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