Earth Day 2022 -10 Ways to Celebrate

It’s Earth Day 2022! Growing from the first Earth Day in 1970, the goal is to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide. Together, we can make a difference for generations to come!

Earth Day | Twin Cities Mom Collective

Being a nature geek comes pretty natural around our house. We stare awestruck over the ever-changing pallet of Minnesota sunsets. We argue if the jungle animal adventure movie was better than the one showing off the vast intricacies of ocean life. We search for caterpillars, love to go hiking through the local nature reserve, and discuss Draco lizards and Gila monsters over lunch.

We have 400-page books about birds and two or three explaining the different breeds of dogs. We stop at night to take in the stars and can’t wait to make our annual springtime drive around the neighborhood to look at our favorite blooming trees.

We don’t have to be experts on nature to appreciate where we live. This miraculous spinning rock we live on carries us through the universe, keeping us the exact distance from the sun needed to sustain life. Wow – this planet is something amazing!

This Earth Day, teach your kids to love nature. When you love something, you want to take good care of it. Point out the beauty in a small bud unfurling itself to join the leafy canopy of the trees. Stop to examine the flowers and plants that are first to arrive – the ones that shout loudly, “Spring is here!”

Also, show them the hard truths of pollution and the destruction of habitats. Talk about endangered species and the extinct ones that shouldn’t be forgotten. Let them know and feel how important their part is in this wonderful world we’ve been gifted. Recycle, reuse, and repurpose. Most of all, let them see YOU making changes to protect this beautiful planet. After all, our actions speak volumes to our kids.

Earth Day | Twin Cities Mom CollectiveNeed some ideas on how to celebrate? Check out the list below! Happy Earth Day 2022!

  1. Visit the Science Museum or the Bell Museum to learn more and interact with hands on activities.
  2. Hike at a nature reserve: Dodge Nature Center, Tamarack Nature Center, Lebanon Hills Regional Park are a few of our favorites, but there are plenty more!
  3. Visit a State Park: Did you know that MN is home to 72 State Parks? $25 will get you a year pass into all the State Parks in MN. Not only do you get to see some pretty amazing places, you’re donating to keeping out parks clean and safe!
  4. Find a lake to sit beside: Watch the world come alive for you and your kids. Bonus – It’s also a great stress reliever!
  5. Clean up your neighborhood: Better yet, carry an extra plastic bag with you on walks for all the litter found lying around.
  6. Adopting a sea turtle: For a reasonable donation, we received a bracelet and a tracking code with real time location of “our” sea turtle, Bortie. This makes a great gift for any nature-lover!
  7. Watch National Geographic movies or Disney Nature. (Just watch out for the food pyramid side of it all. Seagulls snacking on baby sea turtles was a bit too much for our soft-hearted littles.)
  8. Watch Wild Kratts: A clean, fun show about animals, habitats and so much more!
  9. Read books about nature: Especially ones that have vibrant pictures of animals, plants and environments that are different from where you live.
  10. Plant or plan out a garden: Vegetables or flowers!

Learn more about Earth Day 2022 and how you can get involved here!

Kelly Jo lives her life just how she writes, with lots of exclamation marks! Her Saint Paul home is filled with noise from her fantastic husband, Jon, and their four spicy kids, Owen (‘07), Evan (‘08), Kierstin (’10), and Calvin (’14). She loves her family, her faith, adventure, people, meaningful conversation, the world at large, laughing, and is always armed with a good hug waiting for someone who needs or wants it. She often drives a different way home just because and has more embarrassing stories than two lifetimes put together! She loves coffee, honesty and any reason to celebrate! When she is not building forts or reading books aloud to her kids, she can be found working as a paraprofessional in her school district.


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