Twin Cities Drive Thru Guide: Coffee & Easy Eats for the Busy Mom

We’re going to be really honest and just say that this might be our favorite guide yet. Moms are constantly on the go – in the mini-van on the way to daycare, to school drop off, to school pick-up, to soccer practice, to dance class, band lessons, and it goes on and on. If you’ve found yourself stuck, trapped in the car with napping kiddos, in need of coffee, this guide is for you. If you’ve ever found yourself stuck eating fast food for the third time this week because it seemed to be the only drive-thru option, this guide is for you. Or if the thought of getting your kids out of the car is too much, and so is the idea of going all day without your latte, then yes, this guide is most certainly for you.

We’ve rounded up more than a hundred coffee shops with drive-thrus from all around the metro, but also included a handful of great locations that you’ll want to swing through for a healthy dinner on the way to your kids’ activities of the evening. We’re passionate about making sure you have all the resources you need, even and especially the ones that make lots of tiny little moments easier throughout your day, so that you can use your energy to love on your littles, not hunt down a quick dinner.

Best of all, we’ve added each of these spots to our Family Directory, so you’ll be able to bring up a map with each park you’re looking so that you’ll know exactly where you can find it.

Click the image above to see the full Twin Cities Easy Eats & Coffee Drive Thru Guide, and each image below to find the locations in your area of the metro.


Did we miss YOUR favorite drive thru spot? You can add it to the guide! Use the button below to find the form where you can submit another amazing caffeine refill station to this resource!

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