Do You Enjoy Your Kids?

Do You Enjoy Your Kids? | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Today the kids and I went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch. They are off of school for a couple of days, and they rocked their student-teacher conferences. So what better way to celebrate than some waffle fries and chicken nuggets?

Anyways, after we gave our order, the cashier said, “Now, enjoy your time off with your sweet kids.” I replied, “Thanks, I will.” And then I proceeded to go find us some seats in an over crowded restaurant.

But that harmless comment has stuck with me…or rather haunted me in a quiet and irritating way.

“Enjoy your kids.” 

Do I enjoy my kids? 

Let me preface that thought with this, I know that I am a good mom. My kids are well provided for. They are happy. They are loved. They are safe. I’ve made it my mission to see them grow, be healthy, and thrive. I give them opportunities to shine and learn. I spend time teaching and guiding them. They go to bed content and without a worry in the world.

But that isn’t the question.

Do I enjoy them? 

I love them. I work hard for them. I sacrifice my needs for theirs.

But do I enjoy them? 

Not always. Not because they aren’t enjoyable. Because they so are. These little ones are amazing to know and love.

However, regrettably, sometimes in the busyness and chaos that is motherhood, I forget to just stop “mothering”  and simply enjoy them.

I need to soak in their childhood because before I know it, it will be gone, and so will they. What a heart-wrenching thought.

So this week I am going to be so mindful of my little choices everyday. I am going to stop being so busy and simply enjoy them.

Enjoy the snuggles and bedtime stories at the end of the day.

Enjoy their laughter around the kitchen table.

Enjoy the commute back and forth from school and the studio.

Enjoy the freckles that dance across their cute little noses.

Enjoy the endless chatter and the constant noise they bring into our home.

Enjoy their creativity, their passions, their ambitions, and their hopeful dreams.

I am going to soak and breathe in every last bit of them.

Because I am their mama, and they are mine to love and to enjoy. What a gift that sweet cashier reminded me of.

How about you? I know you love your children, but do you enjoy them too?

Cari Dugan is a lifestyle photographer and writer in Minneapolis Minnesota. She writes candidly about everyday life and experiences on being a wife and a mother on her blog Dugans in Cahoots ( ) You can also keep up with her on Instagram (@cariduganphotography ) Her husband, and four children make life what it is – A Beautiful Mess.


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