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Discovery Adventure Camps: Helping Middle Schoolers Build Strong Relationships and Leadership Skills

Northern Star Scouting offers all children a diverse set of activities, from climbing to team building, archery to horse riding, swimming, and boating to hiking and outdoor skills, and so much more. No matter the activities and events they choose to participate in, they’ll learn basic leadership strategies while having fun doing so. 

At Discovery Adventure Camp, kids build leadership qualities in a supportive environment. They learn team building and cooperation with mentors who are experienced in teaching relationship and survival skills.

Located at Camp Tomahawk, Discovery Adventure Camp is a week-long sleep away camp open to all kids entering grades 6 and 8, with a new set of campers coming in every week beginning on June 17. Bussing to and from camp from a variety of locations in the Twin Cities is included in your fee. You do not need to be a member of Scouting to participate! There are options for financial aid as we believe lack of funds should not stand in the way of enjoying fun and meaningful experiences.

**This post is sponsored by Northern Star Scouting

To find out more about Discovery Adventure Camp, email us at camping@northernstar.org or call us at 612-261-2303.

Northern Star

Building Skills for Future Leadership

For generations, adventure camps have provided middle-school-aged children with fun and uplifting activities to fill out their summer schedules. Beneath that enjoyment, children develop skills and strategies that can be of great benefit in the near and distant future.

To that end, groups like Northern Star’s Discovery Adventure Camps are excellent environments for your child. They foster teamwork, responsibility, communication, solving problems, and decision-making. And they also teach the benefits of resilience, inclusiveness, and building strong relationships.

On top of that, camp activities like hiking, climbing, swimming, boating, and other outdoor events breed independence, curiosity, and respect, among many other positive traits. 

Here are a few ways that overnight camp can be a valuable tool for building the leaders of tomorrow:

Camp Builds Character

Camps promote the idea of self-reliance and resourcefulness. They offer middle school kids the chance to conquer challenges and develop perseverance. Through collaboration with others, campers can learn respect for others, nature, and themselves.

Camp Creates Adaptation Skills

Part of being a leader is the ability to respond to sudden changes and challenges. Camping presents plenty of chances to build adaptability to unexpected developments and changing circumstances. These opportunities will help today’s campers make wiser decisions in the future when they come across unseen terrains and problems.

Camp Inspires Mentorship

Leaders are often measured by their relations with groups of people. However, camping also presents the opportunity to build mentorship skills one-on-one or in smaller groups. Counseling, group activities, and camp projects offer kids the chance to develop their guidance and support skills for both role models and the children they oversee.

Camp Promotes Giving Back to the Community

Kids come to summer camps as individuals, but our goal is to have them leave with a deep connection to others and the environment. With reliable role modeling and mentorship, campers develop a sense of understanding and empathy with others. Activities that focus on changing or improving through group efforts and mentorship serve to reinforce leadership potential.

Camp Fosters Shared Knowledge

Campers will have the opportunity to join in on group activities, learning experiences, and discussions that highlight collaboration and teamwork. Kids will also hone their skills in survival, nature exploring, and cultural exchanges that encourage communication and pooling knowledge.

Camp Instills Leadership at a Young Age

Many campers take on responsibilities they’ve never experienced before. By acquiring and perfecting their outdoor skills and fostering teamwork, they develop the tools they need to solve problems, make informed decisions, and build resilience, all of which are the kinds of habits and practices that make for strong leaders in the future.

Camp Encourages Setting Goals

Regular camp activities like hiking and sports can help middle school kids to build a goal-oriented mindset. That, in turn, helps create a sense of intended results that they can depend upon for bigger opportunities as they grow. 

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