REM5 Virtual Reality Laboratory

4950 West 35th Street, Saint Louis Park, MN, USA
4930 West 35th Street Minneapolis Minnesota 55416 US

On nights and weekends, we make premium VR accessible, comfortable and social … EAT, DRINK & VR is our motto. We have VR experiences for everyone; opening weekend we had folks ranging in age from 4 to 89 smiling ear to ear. We’re perfect for a fun night out with friends and family and birthday parties.  We have space for 60+ so a great spot for corporate events and holiday parties.

During the day we are focused on education applications (think virtual field trips for k-12), health and wellness (think therapy, empathy training) and enterprise applications (think OSHA training). We have a “VR for Impact” initiative where every 20 min of VR time we sell for entertainment, we give back 1 min of VR time for education or health and wellness.