Date Nights During a Pandemic

Date Nights During a Pandemic | Twin Cities Mom Collective

During the current climate of this global pandemic, many of us find ourselves anxious, scared, angry or sad. And that’s okay. Here at TCMC we want to walk along beside you as we traverse these uncertain waters together. In our continued pursuit to resource you as a mom, we’ve compiled some tools for you to use at your leisure.

In need of a date night, but then you remember we are still in the thick of social distancing? We’ve got you covered… Because social distancing or not, the need for Second Evening is a real thing. So make a plan, put the kids to bed, and enjoy an at-home date night.

  1. Enjoy a night at the opera using The MET Opera’s nightly streaming services.
  2. Sweat it out together with an online workout class.
  3. Enjoy a cooking session together. Or better yet, challenge each other to a cook off using random ingredients you find in your kitchen.
  4. Order in.
  5. Create a new cocktail. Look up some recipe ideas and learn a new tasty trick for your next party.
  6. Learn something new: Foreign language? Drawing? Painting? Take an online Master Class together.
  7. Google Arts & Culture for a virtual museum visit. Some of our favorites include the Louvre, the Sistine Chapel, the Guggenheim, or the Van Gogh Museum.
  8. Visit a national park, such as Yosemite National Park or Yellowstone National Park.
  9. Walk along The Great Wall of China.
  10. Pamper yourselves with an at home spa experience. Put on your robes, use that face mask you’ve been saving, give each other a mani/pedi or even a back massage.
  11. Picnic: make dinner, spread out a blanket, light some candles and enjoy a meal together on the floor while watching a great movie. Picnics can feel basic, but it’s about the energy you bring to it.
  12. Build a fort. You can enjoy it as adults, and then give your kids a thrill the next morning when they find it in the living room!
  13. Board game tournament.
  14. Tick off your movie or television series bucket list.
  15. Digitally walk through Main Street at Disney World.
  16. Visit the Eiffel Tower.
  17. Visit an aquarium or other nature experiences using live streaming services. 
  18. Talk about your dreams and goals… vacation, career, house. Talk in depth about your future, make plans and dream together.
  19. Schedule a virtual double date with friends.
  20. Finish a home project you’ve been putting off. Play good music, open a bottle of wine (as long as power tools aren’t playing a part) and enjoy the process together.
  21. Dance. Put the lights low, light some candles, turn on some music and dance.
  22. Listen to music playlists that are outside of your normal styles. 
  23. Have a family reunion over FaceTime with your parents and/or in-laws.
  24. Watch home videos.
  25. Cuddle on the couch and read side by side, or listen to classical music. Enjoy the quiet together.
  26. Make funny videos for the kids to watch at breakfast the next morning.
  27. Talk about what kind of old couple you want to be.
  28. Rearrange the furniture to freshen up your quarantined space!
  29. Embrace the unexpected excuse to simply stay put, be still and enjoy one another’s company.


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