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Date Night: Stay IN

Date Night: Stay IN | Twin Cities Moms Blog

How great is date night?  I’m not sure what I love the most about it:  the quality time connecting with my husband without distraction, the ability to eat an amazing meal uninterrupted or just simply the fact that the time is devoted to us…and nobody else.  But it comes with a pretty hefty cost.  There’s the meal out.  There’s the cost of a sitter.  A cab ride home if you want to enjoy a few glasses of wine.  Not to mention the fact that there is always that tiny worry about how your kiddos are doing lingering in the back of your head.  As much as we love a night out together, my husband and I typically opt for a “date night in”… especially during these warm weather months when we can enjoy each others company in the comfort of our own backyard.  And Target and Breyers always seem to bring it all together is such a simple, special, affordable way for us.

We shoot to declare “Saturday Date Night” at home at least once or twice a month.  That afternoon, while my little guy is napping, I take my daughter to Target with me to get everything we need.  This is a double whammy, folks, because I’m beginning to think my kids love date night as much as we do.  I let my daughter choose whatever she’d like to have for dinner while we are browsing the aisles.  It usually ends up being a box of macaroni and cheese or one of these awesome Archer Farms Frozen Wood-Fired Pizzas…you’d think it was Christmas for her.  While we are there, I pick up every single item I need to make date night top notch for my husband and I.  The best part?  EVERYTHING I need to make our night perfect I can get in that one trip.

So here’s the drill… we feed the kids their “date night” dinner of choice.  We head up for bath and bed and, well, the night has become our oyster 😉

Date Night: Stay IN | Twin Cities Moms Blog

First things first… we pour ourselves a cocktail.  Because what is a summer date night without a refreshing, better-than-your-local-bartender-can-make cocktail?  Archer Farms makes these amazing sparkling sodas that take any drink over the top.  We opt for the Pomegranate Flavor.  Here is our favorite way to enjoy it:


Archer Farms Pomegranate Sparkling Soda
Fresh Lime Juice
Fresh Mint Leaves
Pure Agave Nectar
Club Soda
White Rum (optional)

Mix all ingredients over ice to your desired taste and you’ve officially earned “mixologist” status.  A Pomegranate Mojito that’s as easy as it gets!

Date Night: Stay IN | Twin Cities Moms Blog

When we go out for date night we are all about small plates and appetizers to share…little tastes of everything is totally our cup of mojito tea.  So we cheers our drinks and throw together a ton of fun bites to take out on the patio to enjoy.  In peace.  With no distraction.  Yes, people, the meal is warm until the very last bite.  Incredible, right?!

Date Night: Stay IN | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Fajitas are our go-to.  They are quick to grill and we can pair them up with so many fun options that are available at Target to make it a real small plate party.  Just marinate the chicken and veggies in this awesome Archer Farms Chile Lime Grilling Sauce, throw them on the grill and the work is done.  No chopping.  No dirty kitchen.  Because cleaning up a big old kitchen mess is not an option on date night. And after your throw that sauce in your cart don’t forget to accompany it with guacamole and a couple of their amazing Archer Farms dips and salsas…..and if you are really wanting to up the antes…get everything you need to whip up this awesome fresh corn salsa.  (Yes, I know, Target even has amazing recipes…they’ve always got our backs, mamas!)  You’re other half will for sure be asking you out again after one bite…there may even be some talk of commitment 😉

Date Night: Stay IN | Twin Cities Moms Blog

By this point there’s usually been a fire started.  What’s more cozy and adorable than a date and a bonfire all in one?  This Threshold Square fire pit has definitely been the highlight of our summer this year…it’s the perfect size, aesthetically darling and totally makes any setting way more enjoyable.  We sometimes use it for a special “s’mores night” with the kids…but on date night?  It’s used for nothing more than background. The cozy view and the crackles make the perfect backdrop for a much needed catch up session.

Date Night: Stay IN | Twin Cities Moms Blog


Date Night: Stay IN | Twin Cities Moms Blog

So, our bellies are full…there’s been laughing and maaaayyyybbbeee a little flirting, and then we break out the big guns.  A glass of red wine and Breyers Gelato Indulgences.  People.  I repeat, Breyers Gelato Indulgences. Heaven on earth, my friends.  My husband is a mint-chocoholic so I always grab the Mint Chocolate flavor, but they are all off the charts yummy.  And guess what? There are no children around to model manners for so we go straight for the carton.  My husband, myself, two spoons and the carton…it’s what dreams are made of.  A perfect end to a perfect date!

Date Night: Stay IN | Twin Cities Moms Blog

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