How Kids Can Have Fun, Build Friendships and Support the Community Through Scouting

Our partners at Northern Star Scouting share their many great camping options, including both day camps and unique parent-and-child sleepaway camps.

Confidence, friendships, and life skills combine in Scouting, where we give kids the opportunity to have fun while learning new things and teaching them about perseverance, determination, and courage! As Scouts, kids participate in a variety of fun hands-on activities that help them to become strong citizens and foster important virtues. And of course, as kids are learning and growing together, they build stronger bonds that transfer into lifelong friendships.

Group Activities and Outings

Group activities are one of our most popular activities. From participating in Pack meetings to spending a day at Base Camp to our summertime day camps and sleepaway camps, kids build great friendships with other Scouts by building things as a team, playing games together, and community visits to places like fire stations, local animal shelters and more. 

And throughout these group activities, fun is always a priority! We host awesome activities like gaga ball, archery, kayaking, rock wall climbing, and more through year-round activities and events. But don’t just take our word for it! George from Pack 9561 shares a little bit of his Scouting experience below: 

Service in Scouting

Scouts are also focused on service as a core component of Scouting. It’s not uncommon to find Scouts cleaning up a neighbor’s yard in the fall, distributing meals to the homeless, or picking up a local park or beach. Through Scouting, young people are empowered to make an impact on their local community through active and engaging activities that teach them the value of service and hard work. 

Annika from Pack 7045 shares her experience in a Fort Snelling Cemetery clean-up, where volunteer Scouts and their parents help remove all of the wreaths left on the gravestones of former military members after the holiday season ends.

Leadership and Life Skills

Developing strong leadership and life skills is another big part of Scouting culture. As Scouts progress through the ranks, they take on more responsibility and find new leadership opportunities. They are encouraged to find new ways to contribute to their local communities and leave a legacy in the communities they live and serve in. This teaches the importance of community, while also reinforcing important virtues like honesty, integrity and perseverance.

Eagle Scout Rikhil from Troop 9060 shares his leadership experience in Scouting, and how Scouting has helped him to grow throughout his time as a Scout: 

Join Scouts Today

Scouting is fun for the whole family, and we’d love for you to take the next step to learn more. When you’re ready, visit to get more information about the program and which Packs are in your area. We invite kids in Kindergarten and older to join scouts for all the fun this year! If you have older kids – we invite you to visit, which is geared towards kids all the way up through high school.

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