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The Xfinity 10G Network by Comcast | Powering Twin Cities Customers

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Xfinity 10G NetworkXfinity 10G Network – The Future of High-Speed Internet in the Twin Cities

It’s 4 p.m. and the Lewis house is buzzing. Mom Angela is on her final video call of the day; high schoolers James and Ava rely on a strong Internet connection as they tackle their homework; and fourth grader Josh needs to build a wall in Fortnite quicker than his opponent. Thanks to the Xfinity 10G Network by Comcast everyone will have more than enough speed and capacity to end the day connected. The Xfinity 10G next-generation network and Internet experience are powering homes today and into the future — including in the Twin Cities. 

The Xfinity 10G Network by Comcast means connecting you to more of what you love while providing a smarter, faster, more reliable, and more secure connectivity experience at home and on the go. Over the next few years, Comcast is:

  • Accelerating network enhancements, introducing symmetrical multi-gigabit Internet options.
  • Providing new low-latency features for applications like gaming, virtual reality, and videoconferencing where real-time connectivity without delay is increasingly important.
  • Rolling out new WiFi features that build upon reliability with a guarantee offer that increases support for in-home WiFi, and a new device with cellular and battery backup to help keep customers connected even when the power goes out.

“Streaming live sports, 4K gaming, hybrid work, and virtual reality have gone mainstream in just a few years, and gig speeds, capacity, reliability, and low latency are key factors making our connectivity experience superior to the competition,” said Kalyn Hove, senior vice president, Comcast Midwest Region. “Our definition of reliability has to shift from merely being always-on to powering multiple data-intensive applications across dozens of devices, and the investments we are making in our network are creating immediate benefits for our customers.”

Xfinity 10G NetworkIn addition, Comcast is expanding its network to new areas in the Twin Cities. Comcast is bringing a whole range of possibilities to not only Wayzata, but also other cities in Minnesota like Dayton, and later this year Cologne as well as Rogers and Corcoran, with funding support from the State of Minnesota’s Border to Border Broadband program.

Xfinity 10G Network
City of Wayzata | photo provided by Comcast

The rollout is part of Comcast’s ongoing expansion in the Midwest, which has so far seen the company invest more than $20.2 million to bring broadband to homes and businesses in the region. To learn more about Comcast’s expansion take a look at the plans here. 

So whether you want to defeat your online gaming opponents, video chat with grandma without those frustrating interruptions, or conduct business at your speed, Comcast has you covered.

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