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Coffee: Happiness in a Mug

Coffee: Happiness in a Mug | Twin Cities Moms Blog

My husband recently questioned a common theme around motherhood…

Cold coffee.

And guess what ladies? He has a solution, and it’s something he wants me to share with all you coffee-reheating and coffee-slogan-wearing mamas (this includes me).

A Thermos! I know, genius, right? No more reheating that darn cold coffee or complaining about forgetting it in the microwave. He asks, “Why in the world don’t moms just use thermoses?”

Admittedly, I agree. It makes sense. I’m also aware that many people do happily sip hot coffee out of a thermos daily, but in the world of motherhood, cold coffee is just part of the package. Possibly more of the SAHM package, but it definitely gets it’s attention in the general category of “Motherhood.” With my husband’s dumbfounded suggestion came an expression of obvious annoyance and confusion, as he awaited my response. I bet he thought I would jump for joy or rave to the social media world about his clever intelligence that would save the sanity of all mothers across the globe. But, I found myself deep in thought before explaining that if we all began drinking out of thermoses to keep our coffee continuously warm, something huge would be missing.

Coffee: Happiness in a Mug | Twin Cities Moms Blog

The experience.

It’s the lovely fervent swirl of steam that rises and disappears into the thick atmosphere of parenthood.

Or the warmth on your hands (like a tiny hug) in the middle of the longest winter day you ever had, trying to keep your kids alive and happy.

Or maybe it’s a special mug you got from a friend that makes you think of someone else besides the little humans that consume your mind 24/7. It’s a feeling of gratitude for the other adults in your life!

I could even compare my “exposed coffee” to the many vulnerable aspects of motherhood. Reality: we can’t please everyone and we can’t always be as sweet and warm as we’d like to be. So, I “get” coffee. I appreciate it’s intentions and know we can happily start over at anytime. Our relationship will always be strong, no matter what (see what I did there?).

So, the thought of locking up all this joy inside a thermos makes me feel cold (even though I know it’s steamy hot inside). It almost makes me feel guilty, like I’m taking advantage of my coffee, as if I’m only using it for it’s warmth and caffeine. Ok well, I am mostly using it for it’s warmth and caffeine, but the experience of everything coffee offers makes me just plain happy.

Let me tell you why the whole experience is so important.

Happiness is needed when feeding babies in a hazy daze all day long. I’ve fed a baby while staring at that steamy coffee swirl so many times that it’s almost reminiscent of those early days, those ‘sweet baby smell’ days.

Happiness is required when a week of two children teething keeps the whole family from good sleep. If you let it, joy will out-beat frustration and lack of control every time. That joy has been found deep within a lovely mug of coffee no matter the temperature.

Happiness is a must when your internal clock wakes you before everyone else. Giving you just the right amount of time to have alone with (maybe) a book, but mostly all the… what’s that word again? Oh yeah, SILENCE. Gripping not only onto the peace that surrounds you, but also the coffee mug that will soon be lost somewhere, patiently waiting for your attention (and not even whining about it).

So when my husband had this “ah ha” moment, it took me a while to express that I agreed with him… but at the same time, I completely disagreed.

To me, coffee is happiness in a mug.

So, go ahead and drink out of your thermos if that’s what you prefer. I’ll be over here mothering in my kitschy coffee-slogan shirt, reheating my cold brew, grateful for it’s small doses of joy that pull me through the day.

Coffee: Happiness in a Mug | Twin Cities Moms Blog

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