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Brilliant Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything

Do you have that special someone in your life that is hard to buy for because they seem to have everything already?

I love giving gifts but I still struggle when I try to buy for certain friends and family each year around their birthdays. It seems the same questions cross my mind each time…

“What will they like and use?”
“Should I just ask them what they need?”
“Do they already have it?”

A good place to start is with their favorite things to do and then build the gift around that. Here are some ideas I have come up with in recent years for the person that seems to have everything.

Brilliant Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything | Twin Cities Moms Blog

For the person who loves food

I will normally treat them with a dinner at a new spot or one of their favorite restaurants. This a great gift for someone who would rather have a good meal for his or her birthday. If schedules and time do not work out, I give a gift card for an amount I know will cover the meal so they can enjoy when they have the time.

For the person who loves to shop

Put together a basket with a bunch of gift cards to their favorite stores or get a larger gift card for the person in your life that loves to shop. I love shopping and I appreciate getting gift cards to buy something pretty and new for my collection!

For the person who loves to entertain

Put together a basket of fun and unique items they can use for a dinner party or get together. My favorite basket has items to make a nice meat and cheese board, along with a gift card or a bottle of their favorite drink to share.

For the person who loves to relax

A spa gift card is the way to go for that person who loves self-care. Look up the closest spa to the person you are buying for and gift them a service to enjoy me time. If you aren’t sure what spa to choose for your loved one, let them choose with a spa finder gift card. You can find these at your local grocery store or Target. 

If gift cards aren’t your thing, try putting together a package with fun items the person can use at home to have a relaxing night. For women, I put together things like bath bombs or bath salts, a facemask or two, and some scented candles or oils for them to use for a relaxing night at home

For the person who loves to travel

A friend who was having a destination wedding gave one of my favorite gifts to me. She put together a box of goodies for her bridesmaids to help them prepare for the wedding trip. This is also a great idea to put together as a birthday gift for your friend or family member. We received a small travel bag (I used it as my makeup bag), a passport holder, mints, travel bag tags, and our favorite snack in the package. You can come up with many combinations for this gift. You can add in a new set of noise-canceling headphones as a larger gift. A person who travels a lot may get homesick – a great idea for them would be to combine items that remind them of home. 

Avid travelers will appreciate a gift card from their most used airline to help them on their next trip purchase. For example, I gave each of my parents a Southwest gift card since that was the airline they used the most when traveling.

For the sports lover

I really like to purchase game tickets to their favorite sport so they can enjoy the game. I sometimes add some game gear for them to enjoy and appreciate along with the ticket. There are plenty of tickets you can find at a reasonable price. Or if they have a pricier ticket price, I’ve provided a lump sum towards their purchase, along with memorabilia as their gift.

For the person who is always on the go

Recently, I’ve been really into grocery delivery. It is great for busy parents and those who are always on the run for work and activities, consider purchasing a grocery delivery service membership for your loved one. There are options like Shipt that allow you to purchase a 6 month or an annual membership that you can gift to another person. If you are already a Shipt member, look out for a credit for gift purchases (it is always fun to get something myself when purchasing gifts for loved ones!). You can also purchase a gift card from delivery services (like Instacart) that do not require a membership.

Gifts can be fun to give and receive but in the end, it is the thought that counts. I love receiving gifts that I know the other person has really put thought into. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive at all. So really when you are stuck on what to give, I suggest thinking about what the favorite things of that person are. You can never go wrong when you truly think about what that person would want because it makes the gift so much more meaningful and cherished by your loved one.

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