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Birthday parties create treasured memories! We celebrate our kids by eating cake and enjoying the company of friends and family. The global pandemic has changed a lot, but it hasn't changed our need to celebrate our kids in fun and unique ways. Our kids deserve to feel special on their big day and we're grateful that there are still options for that! Whether you feel safest celebrating at home, or in a small, safe gathering, we know that even in this strange year, you can still host the best party ever!

We sincerely hope that you will find this guide to be a helpful part of your journey into motherhood.

cheers to all the birthday moms!

Some of our most treasured memories as moms are our children’s birthdays. Whether you celebrate them big or small, chances are the memories of your children eating cake, enjoying the company of friends and family, and celebrating another year of their little lives are ones you will hold in your heart forever. We wanted to bring you this Twin Cities Birthday Party Guide so that if you child has a specific interest or a unique way they want to celebrate their big day, that you are equipped to host the best party ever! We are so grateful to all the local businesses working to continue to offer creative solutions and the way they strive to create special experiences for families to enjoy.

COVID-19 NOTE: We understand each family has a different comfort level in regards to public gatherings, even those that are allowed. We support each family’s individual choices and will continue to be sure you are aware of all opportunities in the metro area, especially those that allow for limited contact and digital offerings. We will continually update this guide to reflect how the birthday party businesses below are operating during this season and encourage you to always connect with each area business to ask about specific offerings that match your comfort levels and current safety protocols.

mom birthdays

by Maureen Zhao

It took me about five years before I realized or remembered that each year my son had a birthday, I did as well. In fact, just this weekend I had absolutely no idea of my actual age (to be honest, I don’t think my mom was even sure) and in looking for a relatively recent picture of myself on my birthday to add to this post, I found nothing. Of course, the people around me shower me each year with celebration and greetings on my birthday. I always feel so loved. But, my real love and celebration is always focused on my son and his upcoming special day. Present and party prep, blowing up balloons, doing whatever I can to make sure the next day is as special as can be. I go all in.
And although it might sound a bit sad, please don’t feel bad for me! I love spending my day this way. In a kind of cheesy way, it’s always felt like a symbolic reminder of the birthday a few years ago that I spent preparing for his arrival (read: back labor for days). Bringing joy to others is my happy place.

a note about
Urban Air Adventure Park

If you’re looking for the best indoor entertainment center to take your family check out Urban Air. Their Coon Rapids and Plymouth park locations are the perfect destinations for active play for all ages and fitness levels. Urban Air is much more than a trampoline park - they are an indoor Adventure park with something for everyone! Take your kids’ birthday party or special event to the next level or spend a day of fun with the whole family. Open 7 days a week and most holidays - head over to #ActivateAwesome with them today! Visit Urban Air on Facebook at their Coon Rapids and Plymouth locations.

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Plymouth, MN

Your kids will feel special as long as you keep the focus on them! Keep in mind that you're guiding their mindset, so even if their birthday isn't what they dreamed of for this year, you can help make sure they feel it's the best day they could have. They're looking to you, and it's easier than you think! You've got this.

save time & money on birthday gifts

by Amber Harder

I’m always looking for more ways to streamline my life and free up more hours in the day. Not just hours, I’d totally be happy with freeing up even a few extra MINUTES in the day! Recently I stumbled upon a strategy that has saved me time, energy, and money too. I was struggling to find enough time to get to the store to purchase birthday gifts my kids could give their friends. There was even a time or two when my child and I ran through Target, frantically searching for the perfect gift, while on the way to a birthday party! I didn’t like living life that way, so I tried something new.

From One #twincitiesmom to Another


Woodbury, MN

Birthday parades made the most of such a crazy season. If we couldn't be together for a full birthday party, we loved having friends and family drive by cheering on our little one!

it definitely wasn't the same, but it was so happy and cheerful. To be honest, no clean up birthday parades are really easy on a mom, so maybe some things from this year aren't so terrible afterall.

From One #twincitiesmom to Another


Minneapolis, MN

We still held a birthday party for our youngest this year, but we kept it very small. It's pretty easy to change games and activities to be safe, and during the warmer months, you can simply hold a short party outside. Even in winter, I mean...we are Minnesotans, you can throw a snow fort party or play hockey or ice skate outside. We're built to manage a party in crazy weather!

making & keeping memories

by Morgan Molitor

the birthday book:
a free printable

by Nealy Lanzen

I hate scrapbooking. Actually, I’ve never really tried scrapbooking. So I guess I can’t hate it. But I suppose I could say I strongly dislike the idea of scrapbooking. Too many pages and pictures, decisions and die cut and decorative edges.
But then I stop to think about it, and start to feel guilty.
I am finding that I remember less, and write down less, about each child as the years go by. As much as I want to freeze them in time, to remember the smell of their baby soap, the squishiness of their little hands, and the sound of their little voices singing around the house, I can’t.
So I came up with The Birthday Book.

the 4th birthday blues

by Rachel Anderson

I thought I had another year. One more year before my toddler turned into a little boy.
My son recently turned four, and I was caught off guard by the significance of this age. His birthday wasn’t supposed to be a milestone. In my mind, his fifth birthday was going to be the “big one.” It’s the year he’ll go into kindergarten – the year he’ll start his journey into boyhood. Or so I thought.
As my son approached his fourth birthday, I suddenly realized he was growing up in front of my eyes. He no longer needed help with little things like climbing into the car or putting on his shoes. I was ok with these changes. In fact, I loved them because this independence gave me a bit more breathing room. Then one morning he walked out of his room completely dressed without any help from me. I was shocked. Wait, wait, wait, I thought, you can’t put on your socks without my help. Can you?

three kids in three days: close birthdays

by Shannon Williams

I knew from the moment the ultrasound technician told us “it’s twins!” to our delight (and later our exhaustion) at my first prenatal appointment that celebrating two kids born on the same day would be a challenge. Birthdays were a big deal in my house growing up – a chance to celebrate the person with gifts, special dinners, outings, and, of course, cake. Now I would have to do this for two kids born on the same day, so that as twins, they each felt special, loved, and seen.

Fast forward two years and I gave birth to our third child. And I mean fast forward almost exactly two years. Our youngest was born just two days after the twins’ second birthday. All that concern I had about celebrating the twins’ birthday tripled. Literally. (I was also in a state of perpetual anxiety on the twins’ second birthday, fearful I would go into labor and then every single one of my kids would share the same birthday. Yikes.)

treat ideas: easy recipes for kids

by Jami Willander

One of my kids loves to bake. For Christmas one year, she asked for a stand mixer. She especially loves to create her own recipes from scratch or replicate desserts and snacks she sees on cooking shows. Her list of past creations includes marshmallow fluff frosting, raspberry cupcakes, triple layer birthday cake, chocolate frosted pancakes, and many more.
In the interest of simplicity (and minimizing the mess) I sometimes guide her toward some tried and true kid-friendly recipes that baking protégés of many ages can make with limited direction. Younger kids may need a little more guidance and kids of any age may need help with the oven, stove, or microwave. Here is a list of some of the relatively quick and easy treats that my kids have enjoyed making. Bonus – they are just as fun to eat as they are to make!

These are easy recipes for any day but great for birthday party treats your kids can make for their own party!

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