Becoming a Well-Rounded Adult Comes from Well-Rounded Childhood Learning

Our partners at YWCA Minneapolis were named one of the nation's top 10 for "exemplary" programs for family engagement. Read more to find out how they believe in the A, B, C's of learning.

Becoming a Well-Rounded Adult Comes from Well-Rounded Childhood Learning | Twin Cities Moms Blog

As parents, it’s our goal to help our kids grow up to be successful, well-rounded adults. To learn to accept and celebrate human diversity. And to be part of positive change throughout our communities.

YWCA Minneapolis believes in the A, B, C’s of learning: Anti-Bias Curriculum. Every classroom from infant to school age is grounded in teaching students the importance of inclusivity. Our children learn through play while learning to understand and appreciate each other’s differences.

Our curriculum incorporates anti-bias values and conflict resolution skills. Our kids learn about different cultures, family make ups, languages and beliefs, all within an emotionally safe environment. And our caregivers are trained to help facilitate that growth by acknowledging and attending to children’s thoughts, ideas and feelings. On a daily basis, our kids gradually learn to understand, accept and celebrate diversity.

Becoming a Well-Rounded Adult Comes from Well-Rounded Childhood Learning | Twin Cities Moms Blog

“The teachers are why we stay. They really care about our kids and early childhood education. They have been such a helpful resource. The teachers are always communicating well with us, helping our kids through transitions and challenges and teaching them such valuable lessons about justice, friendship and being kind.” –Sarah Brouwer

To set your child up for success in the classroom and in life, we focus on learning through play while incorporating:

Identity Development involves building self-awareness, confidence, family pride and positive social identity.

Diversity Comfort focuses on the joys of our differences.

Accurate Language Skills help our kids learn how to accurately and appropriately describe human differences and help build deep caring connections.

Justice Identification helps kids recognize and describe unfairness while teaching them to understand that unfairness hurts.

Empowerment Skills teach our kids to act against prejudice or discriminatory actions.

In 2017-18, 97% of our children demonstrated grounding in their own culture and were comfortable with people of diverse backgrounds.

Becoming a Well-Rounded Adult Comes from Well-Rounded Childhood Learning | Twin Cities Moms Blog

We offer the best curriculum, staff and family guidance in the state.

YWCA Minneapolis was named one of the nation’s top 10 for “exemplary programs” for family engagement by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Our early learning programs are NAEYC-accredited and Four-Star Parent Aware rated designed to build children’s social-emotional, cognitive, physical and cultural development.

We help prepare all Minnesotan children to thrive — creating a sense of belonging in the classroom with our anti-bias curriculum and pushing to eliminate the educational opportunity gap in our state for families from all races, ethnicities, cultures and incomes.

Making a difference. That’s the difference. We look forward to teaching your child the A, B, C’s of learning right here at YWCA Minneapolis.


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