Shannon Williams

Shannon Williams
Shannon is a former interior designer turned stay-at-home mom. She and her husband have always been overachievers, so they kicked off this whole parenthood thing with not one, but two babies (yup, twins). A third followed exactly two years and two days later. A complete bibliophile, Shannon also finds it impossible to say no to iced coffee, pedicures, or a good beer. You can find her scribbling her thoughts on motherhood and life at and see her day-in-the-life chaos over on Instagram.

Below Me

I walk through the kitchen and step on a stray Cheerio. Into the dining room and my stockinged feet crunch up a half-eaten cracker. I strip my socks off and toss them in the...

Morning, Again

It’s morning. Again. I’m thirty-one years old and it really shouldn’t surprise me that it comes every day but here we are. Dark bedroom. Warm bed. Children who serve as the most functional alarm clock...

Art Time

I’m a planner by nature. Always have been, always will be. My husband and I use an app to synch our family schedule and I use another one to plan our meals and create...

My Motherhood Journey Through Food

First pregnancy (twins!), first trimester. I want no food. Nothing. Absolutely no food. Wait, I want ice cream. Yes, ice cream sounds good. Nevermind. We don’t have any ice cream and it’s been five...


September is Self-Care Awareness Month and we have a special line up for you! Each Monday, our writers will share what self-care looks like for them. We hope to inspire you to dust off...

Counting Motherhood

I keep a lot of numbers in my head. One is the number of pink lines I was expecting. I was ready for that disappointment. But first one and then another appeared as I watched...

Favorite Twin Cities Ice Cream Spots

The thought of ice cream is pure nostalgia for me. Much of my childhood summers could find me standing in line at the local ice cream shop, slurping cones on the front step of...

The No Thank You Bite

Our twins had just turned four when it began. I set their green and pink plastic plates in front of them and that was their cue: “I don’t like this.” “This looks yucky.” “I don’t want to...

Days of the Angry Red Chest Bump

It was a day. Nothing special, nothing overly traumatic. Just another day in a long series of similar days, the mundaneness in and of itself more notable than anything. An ordinary day, yet one...

Staying Home is Boring

Nothing puts me on the defensive faster than being asked, "Don't you get bored?" My mind starts to race as I think: Bored?!? Are you out of your mind, of course not!!! Making food, serving...
The Same Two Feet of Space (National Siblings Day 2018) | Twin Cities Moms Blog

The Same Two Feet of Space (National Siblings Day 2018)

I always laughed last summer as I watched how my three kids approached others to play at the park. “Hi,” one of my then three-year-old twins would say, “What’s your name?” The kid would respond with...

Seduced by the Mom Jeans

When high-waist jeans came back into style, my first thought was, “No freaking way.” I’ve seen the photos of my mom and her sisters from the early ‘90’s. The tucked-in shirts, the unflattering behinds,...

Date Your Kids

With three kids under four, my days tend to blur together. Mornings into afternoons, tantrums into snuggles. I frequently float through my days feeling I haven’t done much beyond prepare food, clean up food,...

Ambiverted Mama

The question of being an introvert or an extrovert has always paralyzed me. Um...a little of both? How could I choose? Were people really all one or all the other all the time? Nevertheless, because...