Sarah Lodien

Sarah came to the US to pursue her BS in Business Marketing in the small town of Superior, WI. She found herself and gained new experiences there. She now resides in Minnesota. Sarah has a son who is the perfect mixture of love and peace. Writing has always been her passion, and she hopes to inspire all immigrant mothers that they, too, can do it! You can find Sarah on Instagram @itssarahslyfe or over at Sarah’s Lyfe ( where she shares everything from motherhood to fashion to lifestyle.

Raising Children in Unfamiliar Territory: My Experience & Resources

I would like to first off say, every household is different... every experience and environment is different. And with that, let’s start with what I expected it would be like to have a child...

5 Ways You Can Be My Ally

Illustration by Jena Holliday | Spoonful of Faith Becoming an ally to the black community starts with educating yourself about racism, and recognizing racism in its different forms. To start, it is realizing there is...

My Breastfeeding Journey: What Helped And What I Wish I Knew!

Every mother’s breastfeeding journey is different and unique. And I wish someone had said that to me before I began my own journey. Before I was even pregnant, I knew that I had to breastfeed....

5 Ways To Find A Baby Sitter

When I was in the market to find a baby sitter, I found it so hard mainly because I am a first-time mom, and I was new to the neighborhood. I did not know...

A Textbook Labor and Delivery – Until it Wasn’t

It was a Sunday morning around 5:00 am; I woke up needing to go to the bathroom so badly. As soon as I was done, while walking back to the bedroom, my water broke!...