Nicole Tursich

Nicole works from home as a nanny and freelance writer. She has an English degree from the University of St. Thomas and married her high school sweetheart, Joe. She and her family love to travel and have ventured near and far from Wisconsin to the Philippines. Obviously, the Twin Cities is the place to be. She and her husband live in Hopkins with their two daughters ages five and one. Nicole is also a karate instructor at National Karate in Hopkins and a practicing blackbelt. She has been practicing karate since she was 12 and has her second degree blackbelt. She is currently training for her third degree blackbelt and competes in tournaments around the Twin Cities.

The Power Of The Peeler

The other day I was making dinner when my five year old chimes in, “Can I help?” She does this a lot.  I had a million things loaded up in my metal queue to get...

Lazy Indoor Activities For Moms of Littles

Minnesota Moms, winter is well underway and with so much of our time being spent indoors we need activities for our homebound kiddos. The problem? Most indoor activities require set up. And I’m sorry,...

Social Media Distancing

We are in, what now, the millionth month of this pandemic? I assume at this stage in the game we’ve all gotten the hang of muting ourselves on Zoom, we’ve figured out which restaurants...

Love and Knee Patches

When my daughter was 4 and in school (the Before Times, guys. You know what I mean, before we had a global pandemic shut down our school...), she had only three pairs of pants...

Social Distancing: The Extrovert Stay at Home Mom

It’s been well over a week since we’ve been asked to self quarantine, and like the rest of you it’s been a struggle in our household. My 4-year old keeps asking me, “How much...

Baby Helmets 101: Everything You Need To Know

When my second was born I was pretty confident I was getting good at this parenting thing *cue laugh track*... But after one of our well-child appointments our pediatrician very casually said something to...
Our Year Without Buying Toys | Twin Cities Mom Collective

Our Year Without Buying Toys

This past year has been one of those major milestone years for our family: 2019 has been a one. Our family had a new baby in June, my oldest started her first year of...

Martial Arts and Motherhood

When you tell people you’re a black belt there are some pretty standard response you get: how long have you been doing it? What kind of martial arts do you do? Show me a cool...

Actively Pausing in Motherhood

For the first time since college, my life is governed by the academic calendar. My daily schedule and annual trips are now dictated by the school. This is my new life and it’s taking...

What I Learned When I Got My Daughter’s Ears Pierced

I have no memories of having my ears pierced. My family has very limited memories too. Was I four days old or did they wait as long as a week? Maybe that was my...
Fitness Tips From Your Average Mom | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Fitness Tips From Your Average Mom

Spring is maybe one of my favorite times of the year. Seasonal allergies aside, it’s when I finally work up the momentum to revamp my workout routine. Thinking about making some improvements to your...