Nancy Doodnauth

Hi friends, I'm Nancy! I’m a wife, mom and lover of burgers and fries - seriously, take me anywhere, i’ll always order the burger. I spend my days homeschooling, playing, cooking, cleaning, and doing mountains of laundry! Life with three girls (6yrs, 3yrs, 1yr) is anything but dull. There’s glitter, bows and princess dresses everywhere. Oh, but we have just added our 1st boy to the family and let me tell you - all my dreams have come true! I love to write and share my faith, inspiration, the things I love and my everyday life in the hopes that women like you will be empowered to live your best life, the one you were born for. I aim to see the good in the details of my everyday and want to share with you my experiences, struggles and wins! When I’m not chasing kids and changing diapers, you can find me on a date with my amazing husband, Ryan or volunteering at my church which is like a second home to me!

For The Non-Bakers Out There: A Thanksgiving Dessert

If you are anything like me, your definition of cooking includes turning on the oven to reheat a store bought side or pushing buttons on a microwave. Desserts are typically ordered or picked up...
Shot of a young couple sharing a romantic moment : Why Date Night is Important

Why Date Night is Even More Important After Kids

I think back to the days when going on a date was as simple as picking up the phone and making a reservation. These days, planning a night out with my husband means weeks...
brunette mom snuggling toddler son and daughter in bed

The Importance of Affection in Parenting

As parents, we are bombarded daily with parenting advice. We have to learn to weed through the noise and follow what makes sense for our own families. The importance of affection in parenting is...

3 Things Dads Do Better Than Moms

Mothers have a tendency to receive all the credit for the upbringing, health and happiness of their children. Though I have to say, as a stay-at-home-mom of four small children who takes on the...

Chores & Kids: It’s Important

“So, today I’m giving you a new responsibility. You are now in charge of making sure our bathrooms ALWAYS have toilet paper. Every couple days you need to check all the bathrooms and restock,...