Melanie Winters

Melanie Winters
Melanie is a mama and wifey first, small business owner and non-profit diehard second. She owns Pixel Loon, a graphic design company that focuses on logo and brand development. From stationary to print marketing and websites to mobile apps, her goal is to provide businesses with the collateral needed to convey a cohesive brand personality that resonates with their target market. Her work schedule revolves around toddler naps and bedtimes and she is fully appreciative of her tribe that enables her to keep Pixel Loon and alive while still putting everything she has into being a mama. Aside from her immediate family, Melanie also has a very special second family with her local delegation of Special Olympics. Melanie has been coaching basketball and other sports for them since 2011 and does a variety of other events with them throughout the year. Her time with this group always fills her cup and inspires her to continue living her dreams and enabling others to do the same.
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