Maureen Zhao

Maureen Zhao
Maureen is an educator and a mom to a sweet and wild seven year old named Leo and newborn named Remy. She and her family can be found digging in the dirt, seeking adventures outside, traveling, hunting down thrifty deals, visiting local museums and parks, discovering new global flavors at local restaurants, and looking for resourceful ways to be involved in their community together. Maureen is eager to connect with those around her regardless of where they come from and is passionate about raising a son who cares for the world around him. Both her and her family have a strong desire to be where the action is, yet yearn for the solace that is found when they're surrounded by nature. When not in the city where home and work is, they can often be found venturing north and setting up camp where the only thing they need to worry about is where to bike that day and where to find the best view of the sunset. You can follow Maureen and her family's daily adventures on Instagram {@maureenshealer}.
But I Want to Keep Them Safe | Twin Cities Mom Collective

But I Want to Keep Them Safe

The other night our oldest fell off his bike. It wasn’t the usual fall that just requires giant knee bandages and some Neosporin. It was the kind of fall that had me rushing to...
Thank Goodness September is Gone | Twin Cities Mom Collective

Thank Goodness September is Gone

I hate September. I hate August as well, but I hate September the most. It's September that gives us anxiety and throws off our groove and causes us to feel weird. It's September that takes my...

Our Baby Got Kicked Out of Daycare

There are a few stories I really don’t like to retell. One of them is that time I got Norovirus one hour into a 13 hour flight from China. The other is the time...

The Reason I Over-Scheduled Our Family’s Summer

For me, childhood summers were carefree.  They were run wild in the neighborhood, stay out till the dinner-bell rang kind of carefree.  They were filled with all the neighbor kids playing kick-the-can in our backyard and...

Honoring the Refugee Moms in Our Community

Every evening I hop in bed, pull out my phone and scroll through the news. My mama heart is tugged in all sorts of directions. Sometimes the troubles of the world can be utterly...

The “Only-Runs-On-The-Playground” Lady

There are only two times you will find me running- if I am being chased, or if I am chasing someone. Both usually occur on a playground with my children and both usually occur...

Our Rescue Dog Adventure

On our dog’s first birthday, she ate a chocolate cake. I spent the day forcing hydrogen peroxide down her throat until she vomited down the center console of my car and in between every...

When Did I Become the Grown Up?

It happened one evening as I walked into my bathroom. There it was. In the corner of the shower, up towards the top where the tile and the frosted window hit. A giant spider. The symbol of my...

Seven Benefits of Returning to Work

I love being home with my kids. Taking the mornings slow and not needing to rush out the door. Drinking my coffee out of something other than a travel mug. Being able to nurse...

New Year, Same Me

The ball has dropped. The calendar has turned. The party blowers have been blown. The fireworks have gone off. Resolutions have been chosen. Gym memberships have been made. Trendy diets have been selected. New running shoes have been laced up. It's a...
I Am Not a Fan of the Newborn Stage | Twin Cities Moms Blog

I Am Not a Fan of the Newborn Stage

I am not a fan of the newborn stage. Nothing makes me more uncomfortable than bringing home a fragile little baby that I do not know yet. I recently saw a meme that said...

Remember When It Was Just You and Me?

It used to be just you and me, kid. I remember it like it was yesterday, but you say you don't remember it at all.  It started with walks along the National Mall, the monuments our...

When Sleep Deprivation Gets the Best of Us

My baby will sleep through anything...except the sound of my head hitting my pillow. I am a lover of sleep. A seeker of all things comfy and cozy. I work hard for my rest at...
Accepting Our Family’s Current Season of Life | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Accepting Our Family’s Current Season of Life

Every summer I have plans for my family. They are never very grandiose or over the top. They are always the simplest of plans; to sit on the back porch while my son plays...
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