Jessica Kennedy

Jessica Kennedy
Jessica is a mom of two adventurous girls, ages three and under. She and her handsome husband get by with a lot of help from nearby friends and family. Jessica is Deaf and an attorney. At home her family communicates using both American Sign Language (ASL) and English. Her happiness is a double scoop of ice cream and a child asleep on her shoulder.

Busy Moms: 4 Ways to Self-Care

I have kept alive two animated and adventurous daughters for two and three years, respectively. I like to think I know how to care for others. At 34, though, I'm still learning how to take...

Dear Diary (Journaling in My 30’s)

"Dear Diary, I love my new Starter jacket. And my friends. I love school, reading, my new Lip Smacker roll-on lip gloss, and Saved By The Bell - I totally relate to Jessie." I'm sure...
Mom, dad, and baby smiling together outside in fall

Nurture the Skin You’re In

{Photo credit: Anna Ligocki Photography} "Throwback Thursday" - ugh! It's even worse as a hashtag: #TBT. Looking at old photos of myself is a blunt reminder that any ounce of style or grace I now have...

How To Fail At Gardening (An Annual Guide)

Every single year. Every single year I tell myself it is my year to grow a garden. A few gardens! Flower beds (plural) and a vegetable garden. Every single year I tell myself that gardening...
Mom watching toddler stand and smile

Accepting Yourself (On Being Authentic)

{Photo credit: Anna Lygocki Photography} "It's peaceful," is what I normally tell people who ask what it's like not to hear. I don't hear anything. I'm Deaf. With hearing aids, I hear noise or cues...
Baby holding mom's pinkie finger while mom signs "I love you" in ASL.

Baby Sign is for Everyone!

"Ice cream. More. Please," my toddler sleepily communicates to me in baby sign at 6 am. She hasn't been awake for long, but she knows exactly what she wants. In fact, I almost titled this post, "More Ice...
Mom in field, hugging two young girls

You Know, the Martyr Dies (On Self-Fulfillment)

{Photo credit: Anna Lygocki Photography} I love strategizing how to get to yes, and I love saying "yes" even when I'm saying "no." I am very good at saying "yes." I hate the obvious label,...
Glass Jar filled with paper

Affirmations Jar

I keep a jar of affirmations on top of the Ikea key cubby in our entryway. The jar is next to an intention that reads,  It is good to have an end to journey toward;...
mom kissing newborn baby

Strong Women Raise Strong Babies

{Photo Credit: Anna Ligocki Photography} "I do." My baby sister got married last weekend. My new brother in-law works hard and loves big. He's adventurous and determined. Growing up, he had strong role models in his mom,...
A pink piggy bank wearing glasses and a ceremonial graduation cap stands next to a diploma with a red tie.

Coming to Terms (On Student Loans)

They say write about what you know. I KNOW student loans. I figure that by the time my daughters are in college, we will have paid off most of my student loans. Post secondary, I...
Photo of a newborn baby

More Marvel (Family in the Delivery Room)

Even before we started our new family, my husband and I knew we would need the support of our existing family. Our plan was easily facilitated by the fact that both of our parents were...
Photo of newborn baby screaming

Momzilla: the Danger in Expectations

My daughters will eat a rainbow-colored plate packed full of vibrant fruits and vegetables, I told myself before I actually had kids. I will change diapers on a two hour schedule. "Please," and "Thank you," will be...

Mother Lover! Euphemisms For Moms

I love all kinds of moms. I love all kinds of people, really. Perhaps it's a Midwest naiveté, or maybe it's a skill, that I can identify the goodness in most anyone. While I love...

Slow Down, Mama! #Justdrive

A member of our family was in a terrifying car accident this week. It was nearly fatal but incredibly routine. At the time of the accident, the details we received from first responders were scarce, but alarming....