Jamie Simmons

Jamie was born and raised in Minnesota. Being a mother is one of her greatest accomplishments. She and her husband have two little ladies that keep her striving to be the best version of herself every day. She found out along the way of motherhood that you cannot pour from an empty cup. Her own health struggles had her set out on a mission to heal and find the root cause of her symptoms. A passion unfolded as she made her own path and changed her relationship with food. This led her to complete her certification from the Nutritional Therapy Association. Changing her life with functional nutrition and transforming her mindset, she lives life from a new lens. Now a Holistic Health Coach, she helps women take back their power when it comes to and food breaking diet traditions. She does this through gut healing, transforming their mindset, empowering them, and giving them permission to create their own path for their physical and mental health. Follow her on IG @herholistichabits
Shot of an attractive young woman cooking at home. Support your immune system

Top 5 Ways To Support Your Immune System

Everywhere we turn these days, there is talk about ways to support your immune system. We hear about supplements, shakes, or special detoxes. But, in reality, there are many ways to achieve a healthy...