Jamie Cramble

Jamie met her husband, John, at a courthouse weapons screening station. Completely smitten by the way he made her laugh and treated the others waiting in that long line with equal doses of humor and kindness, she agreed to go out with him a few months after their serendipitous encounter. They had their last first date ever together twelve years ago and just celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary. They live in the Twin Cities north metro with their 3 boys (ages 8, 5 and 4). As a police wife, special needs mama, photographer and writer, she is devoting the afternoon of her life to encouraging mamas to give themselves grace, share their stories and promote inclusivity. She also has a passion for helping other police wives survive and thrive in this unique lifestyle. When it’s time to celebrate one of life’s little victories, she lights a bonfire, savors snuggles from any of her four boys or sneaks a spoonful of raw cookie dough. You can connect with her on Facebook and www.jamiecramble.com.

A Salute to Mister Rogers on His Birthday

"I always wanted to have a friend just like you..." Even now, at 40+ years old, I smile when I hear those words.  One of my favorite shows to watch on TV growing up was...

The 5 Friends Every Mama Needs

Your split ends are so split that your hair finally has some volume.   Your dinner is literally chilling out on the kitchen counter.   Your toothache is no longer responding to the Orajel you remembered...

5 Easy Ways to Enjoy Winter with Kids

Having three boys in quick succession means that sometimes the four walls of our house feel too confining - especially in the winter.  Cabin fever is a real thing, y'all!  There are only so...

Police Week 2018: Honoring the Fallen and So Much More

As a child of the 80s and 90s, I vividly remember McGruff the Crime Dog and the mustached D.A.R.E. officer who opened his squad car to my 4th grade class. We climbed in, checked...

Autism Awareness – Lego Aisle Style

THE SCENE You’re at Target. Caribou in one hand and phone in the other as you randomly stroll the aisles. Suddenly, a piercing screech interrupts your peaceful momcation to the Holy Land of retail therapy. You...

An Open Letter to My Mom

Dear Mom, I know that my late teen and early adult years were not the highlight of our mother-daughter relationship. So many pages in my early journals are filled with my feelings over our disagreements,...

Some Truths About Midlife and a Big Fat Lie

{Photo credit: Melissa Soto Photography} If I thought my twenties went by fast, I was woefully unprepared for the warp speed at which my thirties would go by. I attribute my twenties passing quickly to...
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4 Things to Focus On for Family Photos

September in Minnesota heralds the arrival of a new school year, football season and beautiful colors.  It's also the time of year when many moms decide to corral everyone for an updated family photo....

He Gave Himself a Haircut, I Gave Myself Grace

It started out as an ordinary night, like so many others in our home.  Our youngest son was curled up on my lap, sucking his thumb while we watched Moana.  Our middle son was...

4 Ways to Keep Our Children Safe this Summer

Chances are you've already kissed a boo-boo or two this summer.  Or maybe you've already made a trip to the ER.  As a mama to three boys ages six and under, I am no stranger...