Erica Pearson

Erica lives in Linden Hills, Minneapolis, with her husband Edward and two daughters Elise and Emilia. Together, they are the Es. Originally from rural Wisconsin, Erica and her family moved from Brooklyn to Minneapolis right before Emilia was born and they enjoy exploring their new city.

Visit Farm Babies at the Minnesota Zoo

Spring can be SO slow to arrive in Minnesota! But even though the weather was still quite chilly and there were patches of snow left on the ground during our recent visit to the...

Recipes to Survive a Day Stuck Inside

Some days, the thermometer never rises above -15 degrees. Or the torrential rain never takes a break. Or your toddler never stops refusing to put on weather-appropriate clothing. The only thing to do? Give...

Mom Hair at its Worst

Stretch marks? Ok, I knew they were coming. Areas of stored "brown fat" my midwife told me would be impossible to exercise away until I was done nursing? Made my peace with that too,...

As My Baby Turns One

{Photo credit: Shelly Peters} My littlest turned one recently. While I have been happily celebrating her healthy milestones and trying to snap a photo on the same day each month (with stuffed elephant for scale)...
Rosedale Winter Castle | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Experience Rosedale Center’s Winter Castle

While Macy's Santaland in downtown Minneapolis is no more, there are still plenty of fun ways to see Santa in the Twin Cities, from Twin City Moms Blog's Donuts with Santa events to rides...

My Daughter Will Only Wear Dresses

We found out that our eldest daughter was a girl months before she was born, but still went with a gender-neutral yellow for her nursery. We didn't register for anything pink. I happily accepted...

Camping with Baby

My husband and I love to go camping. He's an Eagle Scout. I've been a happy camper since I was a kid, back when my little brother would "steamroll" with his sleeping bag over...

Mom Life is Easier in MSP

It's been a year since we arrived at the MSP airport, carrying a cat, toddler, carseat, travel crib and as many suitcases as we could manage. We really miss our friends back in Brooklyn,...