Elizabeth Kittleson

Liz is a new mom to a smiley baby born in a global pandemic in January 2021. While new to being a mom of her own, Liz has been a practicing mental health therapist since 2013 specializing in supporting children, teens and families in the Twin Cities Community. Currently, Liz serves on the leadership team and as an outpatient therapist with Wild Tree Psychotherapy . Liz is driven by making mental health education informative, accessible and even fun through writing, teaching and presenting! Liz lives in Apple Valley and is married to Corey, Mom to Eleanor (2021) and Dog Mom to a wild but cuddly 5 pound poodle named Coco.
woman standing alone in the park on gloomy day. 5 winter blues tips

5 Winter Blues Tips: 2022 Edition

The holidays are over, and the frigid cold has set in. The months of January and February are hard for me in Minnesota. Limited daylight, freezing temperatures that keep us inside, and of course,...

New Year’s Intentions for 2022

Setting New Year's resolutions can be a recipe for failure. Switching gears and naming New Year's intentions for 2022 can be a freeing exercise that allows you to grow and embrace change without negativity.  Wow,...
Smiling woman in the city

For this Month of Thankfulness, Include Self Gratitude

The approaching Thanksgiving holiday brings forward moments of togetherness in families, whether biological or chosen, where we often reflect on our year and express our gratitude for each other. In my family, we have...
Blonde woman at desk having coffee. Going back in the office

A Guide To Going Back In the Office

The day has finally arrived here at the Kittleson household. After 18 months of working from home out of a spare room, this momma is going back into the office. While my husband was...
Cropped shot of a beautiful young woman writing in her notebook while sitting at home- Choosing a growth mindset

Choosing to Have a Growth Mindset

Having a growth mindset has been shown to help people achieve success and skill development despite challenges. Choosing to have a growth mindset is beneficial for ourselves and our children, who model and practice...