Dawn Lenio


Our Screen-Free Week: 6 Ways Life Changed

Screen-free week, what's the big deal?  We could do that easily if we wanted to, I just don't want to.  We're fine with our balance.  I grew up watching hours of TV and I'm...

Our Screen-Free Week: Setting the Expectation

Screen-time and survival mode, they go hand in hand right?  Sick?  Let them watch TV!  New baby?  Let them watch TV!  Rainy day?  Let them watch TV!  Work deadline?  Let them watch TV!  Trying...

The Apps That Saved Me from SAHM Isolation

Ten months ago I left my career to stay home with my two young boys.  As it turns out, everything you've heard about being a stay-at-home-mom is true.  It's exhausting, rewarding, and isolating all...

Parenting After the Death of Your Parent

It was around 6:00pm on a Thursday night in mid-August when my Mom called and said it was time to come home to Wisconsin to say goodbye to my Dad. He had been ill...

2017 Neighborhood Groups Survey

We are so happy that you're involved as a member of one of our Neighborhood Groups! Each group is run by 2-4 volunteer moms (called "Mombassadors") who live in that area. Their purpose is to...

My Journey Through Postpartum Anxiety and Depression

A year ago this month I sat nervously in the office of a therapist, my new therapist. I clenched my sweaty hands. As they rested in my lap I noticed crumbs on my lived-in...