Alison Surratt

Alison is the Sponsorship Coordinator at Twin Cities Moms Blog. She has a heart for small businesses and introducing people to new fun spots. Having a rough introduction to motherhood by losing her first at three months old, she has a heart and passion for supporting moms who have walked through loss. Alison is married to Ben, and at home, they have Phillip (2015) and Campbell (2016). Alison was born and bread Minnesotan, her first word was “SKOL” and bleeds purple and gold. When she isn’t with her kids you can find her wearing overalls (or whatever the new current trend is) with an iced coffee and shopping bags in tow.

If You Had Turned 5

If you had turned 5, I would have greeted you with a pile of pancakes, with sprinkles and chocolate chips. We would have lit a candle and sung happy birthday. Your face would have...

Project Leo William &

On May 28th 2014,  at around 11:00am, I got the most gut-wrenching phone call of my life from our babysitter. She was hysterical.  In that moment, I knew my baby was gone. Hello, my name is Alison...