Alarmathi Sankaran

Alarmathi Sankaran
Alarmathi is formerly a software engineer, turned into a SAHM. She made a big move to Minnesota (USA) from India 5 years ago for her husband’s work. They met each other during their college days and became besties. Six years later, they got married. They now have two boys Jivin (5) and Nevin (18 months old). Alarmathi struggled with parenting in a new place for a couple of months. Then she started to visit the county library and came across so many fun activities in her neighborhood. Apart from her day with her family, she enjoys sewing, traveling, hand lettering. She is always open about trying and learning new things.

The Forgotten Art of Letter Writing

Let's talk about the lost art of writing letters. Doesn't it feel like "the good old days" when you consider sitting down to read an age-old, beautifully penned letter? There is something special about...

Comparison & Motherhood

There are so many times we as moms fall susceptible to comparison culture. One day a few years ago, I realized my endless scrolling through social media was leading me right into this trap;...

Parenting: The Hardest Part of Raising Kids

When it comes to disciplining and parenting my kids, I always feel a huge pressure which springs from the way I was disciplined growing up on the other side of the world. Yet I...

Kindergarten Mom: Our 2020 Version

A few weeks ago on the night before our son started kindergarten, we read a book as a family called On the First Day of Kindergarten. Even as I read it to him, I...

Crying in front of your kids?

It was only 10 o'clock in the morning and I was already looking forward to bedtime that day. I knew one more whine, one more fight, one more mess would break me down. And...

Summer: Now & Then

Fighting for the window seat on a train to catch a glimpse of the engine as the train turned... Decades later, this memory is still so fresh and alive in my mind. Summers in...

How Can I Be a Fair Mom?

To the moms of multiples, big hugs from me! I know you are struggling to let your kids know that “the color of the spoon doesn’t matter" every time you serve a meal. You have...

I Don’t Want to be My Mother

The thought that I don’t want to turn out like my mother has always haunted me. And I recently realized that this wouldn't have been so deeply rooted in me unless my mother also...

Earth Day: How Can We Celebrate Our Earth?

Kids are the hope of the future, which means they are the hope of the whole world. If you think about it, that makes us the parents of this future hope. We share a...

Silver Linings

To all the moms out there, this is your time. Don't get disheartened about the current crisis, the social distancing and the sheltering at home! Normally, getting out of the house to meet real people...

New Mom, New Country: My Journey

As a young woman in India, my life was going as planned. I graduated from university, I got a job... and I did not worry about what I would do next. Then I got...

A New Mom in a New Country: What TCMC Did For Me

With our 7th birthday here at Twin Cities Mom Collective on the horizon, we decided to take a moment this week to turn our hearts and minds towards all things celebration! We are rerunning...

Say “Yes!” to Traveling with Kids

Considering last year we went from “Oh no! Not another road trip!" to “Wow, it’s already been a month since we went on a trip!”... I would say we have come a very long...
Solutions to the Screen Time Nightmare | Twin Cities Mom Collective

Solutions to the Screen Time Nightmare

My 4-year-old pre-kindergartener recently asked me, “Amma (mom), when do I get to have my own phone?” I was taken aback, wondering where is this coming from?! As we talked about it, he mentioned...