At-Home Self-Care While Distancing

At-Home Self-Care While Distancing | Twin Cities Mom Collective

Life has looked different for many months. Whether working from home, caring for children, supporting distance learning or some combination of the above, there is little time to be alone or take care of yourself. As we continue to largely stay apart, it’s important to make time for new forms of self-care.

My go-to was always the gym and I desperately miss it. I love that my gym is offering virtual workouts, but have trouble committing and being consistent with everything else that is going on. While I have equipment at home, it just isn’t the same. That is not an excuse, but I know that I push myself more in a group setting. Plus, my girls are always underfoot or in need, so there are constant interruptions, which makes each workout seem less effective. But this is life right now and I’m finding ways to adapt.

One way I’ve found to prioritize self-care in a time of social distancing and mostly staying home is a weekly spa night. And I have even encouraged my husband to join in. For us, it’s usually Saturday or Sunday.

It all started with Baby Foot. (Have you heard of it? Have you tried it?) I was inspired by a friend on Instagram, so ordered one for myself and one for my husband. One Saturday evening, we decided to give it a try. Essentially, you wear the product on your feet for an hour or so, wash up and put socks on. It takes several days to work its magic and you are supposed to wear socks as much as possible. And you wait. The outcome… your feet peel over several days removing dead skin and calluses, and you are left with feet that resemble those of a baby (hence the name… Baby Foot).

To be honest, I’m all about instant gratification. But this product required patience. For me, it took about five days for the peeling process to start. That being said, it was fascinating, a bit gross and effective. A fun treat when a traditional pedicure is off the table and sandal season is here. And while salons are now open, many might not feel comfortable venturing out and about for these services, so this is a fun alternative.

Following our foot treatment, we treated our faces to a balancing charcoal mask and it has suddenly become a weekly thing. I love that it gets us into bed a bit earlier and encourages other positive habits like reading to wind down. It’s the perfect way to relax after a long and stressful week. As I mentioned, we’ve continued to use this each weekend and have even noticed an improvement in our skin. It’s definitely a win-win.

Finding time for self-care is hard right now. Our family is always together and bedtime seems to get later by the day. I love that this weekly spa routine is something to look forward to and allows us to take care of ourselves in an otherwise crazy time. I also love that my husband was such a good sport and willing to join in. I think he looks forward to it as much as I do now.

What should we try next?

Amanda Wagner
Amanda Wagner lives in Edina with her husband, Austin, three girls and German Shorthaired Pointer, Breeze. She is the owner of Beaujo’s Wine Bar & Bistro at 50th & France, marketing and communications professional, and writer of all the things at Greenhouse Content. When she isn’t working on deadline, carting around small children or overseeing the wine bar experience, she loves to spend time with family and friends, read non-fiction, listen to podcasts, workout at Burn Boot Camp and wind down with a glass of red wine (obviously).


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