Arijai Aesthetics: I turned 40, but I don’t plan on looking it…

{ This is a sponsored post on behalf of Arijai written by Suzanne at Twin Cities Moms Blog.}

Last Spring I celebrated one of those monumental birthdays.  You know the ones where you better make a big deal out of it, or your friends will, with black balloons and slap your knee type greeting cards.  I turned 40.   I put on a sparkly dress and embraced it with my chin up and will proudly tell anyone who asks how old I am.  Things change when you get this age though, have you noticed?

Have you ever had a physical characteristic or trait that when someone used the medical term for it, you instantly get embarrassed or want to change the subject? I’ll try a few on you for giggles….saddle bags, toenail fungus, or how about skin tags, brown spots.  I think the ones you possess make you a little crazy or insecure and you could care less on the others because they don’t affect you.

I got the chance to check out a new Medi Spa in Lakeville recently.  Arijai Medical Aesthetics is one of those places that you can go with almost any of the things you don’t like on your face or body and they have a solution for it.  Dr. Chris Balgobin is the owner and Medical Director, among the other places he practices.  He’s the kind of guy you could tell him you have 5 chin hairs and he would shrug his shoulders and say, “Let’s get rid of them.”  In a “it’s not a big deal” kind of a way

I went in for a BBL treatment last week.  I grew up on the lakes of MN, we have a pool in our neighborhood and I have always been a sun lover.  Even though I use sunscreen religiously, any brown spot on your skin is essentially “damage” and this treatment can get rid of them.  I made the mistake of buying a close-up mirror for when I do my makeup.  Let me just ask, ” have you done that lately”? Spent some hard time examining your skin for what’s really there?  I have broken blood vessels and marks where I could have been a bit more gentle when popping a pimple.  I have some of those sun spots and some are from hormones I have been told as well.  These are the fun things people, that happen when you get to these years.  I am one of those that says, why not do something about it rather than get sad or let myself go?  I can’t let myself go, it’s not in me, I like to look good.

Back to the treatment.  It was simple, they laid me down on a comfy bed, the room was calm and cozy.  Kathy {my gal} talked me through the process before and during the treatment.  She made me feel like anything I pointed out was no big deal or something that they could work on.  She put some cold gel all over my face and started with a laser at a level that was based on some questions I answered prior to the treatment.  She said that in a few days these imperfections {red spots, brown spots, broken blood vessels, hair, fine lines} would come to the surface and slough off.  After a few treatments my skin would look clearer, younger, and more vibrant and smooth.  Ummm…WHO doesn’t want that?

 I forgot to do a “before” so she snapped this with my cell phone as the gel was on, but I did take an after picture of my chest.  You can see where the brown spots were zapped and will eventually slough off.  I plan on going back in 3 weeks and then one more time in 3 weeks, while making sure I wear my sunscreen and I will show you my “after” pics.  Here is one before of my chest…

Here is another of my chest 9 days  later…



{This is my chest at 12 days. I went to brush my teeth and looked in the mirror and shrieked.  I’m in shock that the brown spots are gone!}

The bottom line is this. I don’t want to go to a place I don’t feel comfortable at or I feel like I have a problem that they can’t fix or they will laugh at.  I also want to be told what they will do and how much it will cost.  And, all of these needs were met at Arijai Medical Spa.  And I liked it so much, I’m not afraid to tell anyone who has ever wondered if they should try some of these offerings that make a person look and feel better.  I’m one of those women that thinks that confidence is everything.  It changes how you carry yourself and interact with others!! I think confidence can make you more successful at whatever you do.

If you are wondering what else they can treat at Arijai, here are a few of the conditions they specialize in treating: Laser Tattoo removal, Laser Toenail Fungus removal, Plantar warts, Laser liposuction, Skin tag removal,  BBL hair removal, Spider Vein treatments, Botox, Chemical Peels…really you should check out their website, it lists them all.  Otherwise, go ahead and call.  Everyone there is very nice and professional and will answer your questions.

I go back in a few weeks.  Kathy said we could amp it up a notch or two to get even better results and I plan to share them with you.  In the meantime, I am looking forward to more stuff just a sloughin’ off of my face and chest!



  1. Suzanne, It’s hard to believe that ANYONE could improve “gorgeous”, but I guess I was wrong! I’m glad you’re getting rid of stuff you don’t like and making improvements. It’s nice to know you can go to a place where they take you seriously and have solutions to every little thing that concerns you. You will soon be looking “fabulously gorgeous”!


  2. I’m confused, your my baby girl and I have always known you to be perfect in every way. I never saw something that needed fixing. I will say as the father of this girl she a delight to be around for these forty years. When she lived in our home she would get up and go out the door I never saw the same look twice. I was amazed. Keep it up, I’m proud of you.


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