April Showers

April Showers | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Spring is the perfect time for baby showers. I’m going to share a quick little guide on the easiest way to make it happen. I have quite a wonderful group of ladies that I plan a lot of baby showers with (my mom and sisters). And we have a lot of little babies in our family so we have gotten really good at it.

Let’s go through the steps:

  1. Pick a theme and date
  2. Start a Pinterest board
    1. Invites
    2. Food/Drink/Dessert
    3. Decor
    4. Favors
    5. Games/Activities
  3. Send invites/create a Facebook event
  4. Have fun celebrating the mama-to-be/new mama + baby

Okay, let’s dive in a little bit more to each of these so I can give you an idea of you break down these steps and make it simple. Maybe the mama already has a theme in mind depending on gender or what they are decorating their nursery. Sometimes, it’s really neat to use their nursery theme as the theme of the baby shower because then they can re-use all the decor!

Pinterest is a great place to look for inspiration (as we all know.) And then start your board and begin pinning away. Make sure to use include each of the sub-categories so you don’t miss a beat. I’m going to share my board from my upcoming shower for my little sister. She chose a “Nacho Average Mama” theme and we are going all fiesta + cactus crazy. It’s also right after Cinco de Mayo as well, so we are going to be able to get a great amount of decor easily. (And hopefully on clearance, if ya know what I mean!)

April Showers | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Once you’ve established the theme, the rest is easy! Grab some invite inspo (if you are doing mailed invites) and then choose some options for food, drinks, and dessert. Pin some picture options for different decorative design and some favor options. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming, just choose some things you like that go along with your theme. 

Once your board is complete and you have narrowed down what you actually want to include in your baby shower, it is now time to actually get your items. You might be an online shopper or prefer to hunt at the store and maybe even look for some deals. 

Invite your people and when the day comes, enjoy loving on that mama of honor and make her feel special. Some people choose to have a shower when mama is still pregnant. Some people wait until the baby is born and then everyone gets some baby lovin’ (this works better when it is not the first baby.)

For my sister’s second baby, we did a woodsy bear themed shower, complete with a fun diaper raffle and asked for books instead of a card. Some easy and fun apps/websites to create custom graphics are www.canva.com and the Wordswag app, which is where we created these.

April Showers | Twin Cities Moms Blog

April Showers | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Some insider tips:

  1. Consider making or getting some sort of crown, sash, or pin especially for the mama to make her stand out among the crowds.
  2. Could be fun to incorporate the theme into the dress code.
  3. Use a guestbook or frame for everyone to sign and be able to use in their babybook.
  4. Have a photobook or Polaroid camera available.
  5. Do a “don’t say baby” game with a prize.
  6. Try to re-use as many things as you can that you already have lying around your house and look into more DIY projects. It’s fun and environmentally friendly!

The point of a baby shower is to gather the loved ones of the mother and well-equip her for her new baby entering the world. Not only with people’s presents, but also with their presence. To offer wisdom or advice that she can benefit from. To encourage her in the season ahead of her. It’s a beautiful time for her. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box and create a very memorable experience for her.

Happy April showers!

Meghan Yancy
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