A Home for Our Imagination

“A book is a dream that you hold in your hand.”    – Neil Gaiman

A Home for Our Imagination | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Upon entry, our senses are awakened as we seek to fulfill our natural need to live, learn and explore what lies ahead – quietly staring us in the face with open arms. No matter your age, race, level of education or economic status – the door is open. In this space, we find ourselves surrounded by tangible tools intended to ignite an intrinsic need for imagination, exploration and discovery. We admire the concrete evidence of love shown by wrinkled pages and tattered edges with backbones that have stood up to time, holding onto its roots with each fiber.

We indeed live in a technologically driven world but we must not forget the original intention of our libraries… a place to contain important resources and information – much of which the majority of the world can find within the ever-loving book. Because I love books so much, it’s a wonderful feeling to see the same joy in those around me.

A Home for Our Imagination | Twin Cities Moms BlogLike a fly on the wall, I’m enamored by the delight I see in my children’s eyes as they scan the pages for familiar and new images. Surprised by each page as they try to comprehend. Confident and silly while playing pretend in their own language, proudly making connections with what they see by repeating, memorizing and eventually reading. Watching little hands explore a book that has been passed down through generations, shared between friends, or a new book just waiting for fresh eyes is truly a beautiful thing.

I’d love to be an earmark in the book of any teenager, trying to find themselves and connect with characters who take chances, tragically fail and surprisingly succeed. Angst hands grasping at pages that encourage, inspire and teach through characters who do not judge. Hiding in the pages and falling into the story can be the perfect escape for a young soul.

History, science, love, law and faith are amongst the many powers whose birth was documented, discovered, recreated and restored within the pages and volumes of the all encompassing book. Touched by millions and preserved by a select few. Nastalgia is packed so tightly within the leather bound walls and paper backs of so many books, we can’t obstain from graciously thanking our libraries for sustaining the life of books and the home they dwell in. Libraries welcome us into a space filled with so much information yet little intimidation.

Our wonderful libraries give books second chances and keep them safe…

…with a place to breathe, a place to be uniquiely and continuously loved by curious hands. It’s simply amazing that our children can easily have a common bond with past generations… with an opportunity to explore a world filled with the largest spectrum of stories and teachings.

My mother started working in a library when I was ten and I always felt safe and at home in a library and especially in a book. A peaceful place packed full of immense life. Who knew such bricks and mortar had so much to give. I can’t even begin to share the glory and joy I feel as I watch my children’s eyes light up in a library or in front of a book.

A Home for Our Imagination | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Thanks to our libraries, our abilities are limitless and the world is truly at our fingertips.

Enjoy, discover, and thank your libraries!

  • Check it all out. If you’re not a regular already, step into your local library and take a moment to explore – not only the plethora of actual books but the amazing amount of resources libraries provide. From job searching and continuing education to community involvement, activities for all ages and events going on around town!
  • Get carded. If you don’t have one yet – get a library card and don’t forget to get one for your children! My 2 1/2 year old girls have their own card and carry it with pride when we check out. A library card comes with other advantages too. Every library is different but ask about all the benefits – we can do more than just physically check out a book at the library now!
  • Get involved. From story time and book clubs to science clubs and social groups within the library and out in the community – get connected, try something new and bring the kiddos along! Libraries have so much to offer. My little ones love story time and if you’re looking for something for yourself or your older kids, your library can easily provide you with a great list of activities and programs.
Shannon Clochie
Shannon met her husband, Jason, at the University of Minnesota in 2001. They married in 2009 and held hands a little tighter in 2013 as they excitedly jumped into parenthood together with twin girls (Alaina and Hannah). Shannon became a stay-at-home mom, and six months later, found writing to be her “escape” and began blogging about the constantly busy, amazing, and exhausting world of parenting and raising twins. A typical day with her three-year olds consist of much negotiating, bribing, making up songs, applying Band-Aids on invisible “owies,” chasing them in different directions, and (hopefully) squeezing in some writing during nap time. When she’s not doing any of the above, she enjoys photography, trying new recipes in the kitchen, connecting with moms in her local MOPs (Mothers of Preschoolers) group, or working part-time at the YMCA teaching a water and cardio class. Date nights are far and few between, but when she does have those rare moments with her husband, they enjoy talking about their kids over a quiet meal or trying to stay awake during a movie. You can keep up with Shannon on her blog Ladybugs + Jumping Beans, Facebook or Twitter.


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