A Guide To Going Back In the Office

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The day has finally arrived here at the Kittleson household. After 18 months of working from home out of a spare room, this momma is going back into the office. While my husband was considered an essential worker and maintained office work throughout this pandemic, I made the transition back in March 2020 to work fully remote. I easily transitioned to sleeping in a little longer, wearing sweatpants all day, and snuggling with my lap puppy while I conducted therapy over video calls. I worked through internet outages, interrupting doorbells and Coco Bear (my dog) barking at the Amazon deliveries every day. I loved the slower pace mornings and eating lunch from home, but I also missed seeing my team every day. 

In September, my clinic was set to open the doors on a brand new office in Eagan. I was filled with excitement and nervousness. I was ready to see my clients and staff in person again. But, I was also nervous about the change in routine again and losing some of those perks with work from home life.  

As I write this blog, I am two weeks into being back in the office. It was just what I imagined. I was and still am excited to get dressed and go in each day. I have loved seeing my colleagues again, and therapy just feels better sitting with each of my clients. I have gotten used to getting up a bit earlier, feeling the rush again to get out the door and missing my little lap dog. As I made the transition, I have found a few things that have been helpful for my adjustment that I thought I would share here:

  1.  Create Your New Work Routine: After being home for 18 months and now going back. This is not like work pre-2020, and it’s not work from home. I have given up the expectation of “going back to normal” and allowed space to create my new work routine, 2021 pandemic edition. This includes setting better work-life boundaries, staying home when sick, and keeping around the flexibility that work from home offers.  
  2. Bring a Little Home with You: Being at home was comfortable for me, so I thought, how can I bring a little of my comforts from home to the office? I loved my slow mornings and drinking my tea as I got settled in for the day when I was home. Now that I am back in the office, I worked to set aside a little quiet time before my first client to drink a cup of tea. Simple and Small but brings the comforts of work from home into the office setting. I am still working on getting Coco Bear to the office…stay tuned on that front.  
  3. Treat Yourself (You Deserve It!): Wow, like when can we talk about what we went through and continue to go through with the upheaval from the pandemic? Switching to working from home with no time at all was a huge adjustment. We need to honor that switching back is just as big of an adjustment for our minds and bodies. We mommas are rock stars for how we continue to navigate it all and get the job done. I knew the first week back would be hard for me, even with all the excitement I felt. So I treated myself to a little retail therapy and a long run on the weekend. Wearing a cute outfit the first day back or planning a date with your partner can be just the self-care you need to get through this transition back.  

Transitions can be hard, but remember, we can get through it and make it work! Comment below and share how you continue to make work from home work for you or how you have made the transition back. 

Liz is a new mom to a smiley baby born in a global pandemic in January 2021. While new to being a mom of her own, Liz has been a practicing mental health therapist since 2013 specializing in supporting children, teens and families in the Twin Cities Community. Currently, Liz serves on the leadership team and as an outpatient therapist with Wild Tree Psychotherapy . Liz is driven by making mental health education informative, accessible and even fun through writing, teaching and presenting! Liz lives in Apple Valley and is married to Corey, Mom to Eleanor (2021) and Dog Mom to a wild but cuddly 5 pound poodle named Coco.


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