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5 Surprises with My Kinetico® Water System from Aquarius Home Services

Remember when I had a water test with Aquarius Home Services? I was excited to move forward with a Kinetico® Water System for my home, but I had no idea just how many things would be affected. Here are five fun surprises I’ve discovered over the last several weeks of enjoying amazing water.

3 Rinses, not 5

Anyone with small children knows bath time can be a struggle. One issue my sons have is the rinsing of their hair. As much as I try not to, I’m bound to get a bit of water and shampoo in their faces, and any drip can start a panic with potential to escalate quickly. (All the moms feel me here, I know.) A method I’ve learned to use is managing my kids’ expectations by letting them count down the rinses with me. For their short hair, we use five rinses from our big bath cup, and it’s kind of a just get through it moment for us all. They try to keep their cool, and I act like this is fun and no big deal, while secretly wanting it to be over as much as they do.

My new Kinetico® Water System decreased the rinses from five to three! My kids are thrilled, and my blood pressure is, too. Who knew a water system could make parenthood easier?

I’ll drink to that!

The need for bottled water in my coffee was a huge catalyst for me getting a water test to begin with, but I was shocked that water from my Kinetico® system made my coffee taste even better than the jugs from the store! Coffee, tea, and any other beverage made with water is just night and day from my former situation.

And drinking water? Oh, man… absolutely delicious. It’s perfectly clear and just tastes great. I did have a filter for drinking water before, but I learned the filter didn’t take anything out but instead added things to change the taste. So while I could tolerate what I was drinking, it always tasted “less bad” versus tasting genuinely good like what comes from my Kinetico® system’s  reverse osmosis and multiple filters.

Can we talk about ice? Mine was so bad that I made regular trips to Chick-fil-A for bags that wouldn’t make a Coke taste like garlic. When my Kinetico® system was installed, the only “old” water left anywhere in my house was what hadn’t yet been fed to my freezer’s ice maker. I took the time to make ice and compare it to what came out after that water finished running through. I now have delicious, clear ice at home, and I don’t find little floaties in my beverages as it melts!

This rice? Perfect!

Mine is a Korean household, and rice is a staple. The first time I made rice after the Kinetico® system was
installed, my husband’s and my minds were blown! The grains were perfectly separated and worthy of a photo shoot. (So we took photos for our family members in other states.) It was the same rice cooker we have used for ten years. The rice itself was from the 25-pound bag we’d been using for a couple of weeks. The only difference was the water, and what a difference it was!

Water impacts cooking tremendously. Even the Easy Mac I make my kids from time to time is brighter and creamier, and that’s a microwaved macaroni product! I could talk all day about the difference in soups, stews, and more.

Goodbye, buildup!

I was embarrassed by how much build-up was on my faucets when Bryan came for my water test. He assured me it was normal and had everything to do with the water and nothing to do with skills as a housekeeper. Once I had the new system installed, I worked to remove build-up from faucets throughout the house, and I’m happy to report that it’s staying gone! (Hot tip: Tie a bag of vinegar to the faucet head, and leave it for several hours.)

Showers, faucets, and appliances are now being spared the extra build-up my abnormally hard water was causing, and I’m pretty happy about it!

I love clean clothes and clear glasses.

The biggest surprise to me with my new Kinetico® system, the thing I really didn’t see coming, was how much cleaner clothes looked and felt. They even smelled cleaner! I guess this makes sense considering the fact that a washing machine douses everything in a whole lot of water and keeps it there through multiple cycles, but I just didn’t think about it until I took that first load out of the dryer. And guess what? My washing machine might even last a little longer now that it’s being fed water from such an efficient softener.

It’s not just the washing machine. Every appliance is treated a bit better when water is good, from the dishwasher to the water heater. The dishes are coming out with a bit more sparkle than they used to, and I’m realizing clear glasses used to be a bit cloudy. (I guess I didn’t notice before because I was so used to it.)

It’s safe to say I’m loving my new Kinetico® system from Aquarius Home Services. The customer service I received from the water test, to the installation, to the offer to help set up a city inspection on my behalf after installation (I’ve never had a service company offer this!) was second to none, and the system itself is more than I even hoped.

To schedule a water test in your home, contact Aquarius Home Services at 888-874-6596, or simply complete an online form HERE. We would love for you to share with them that you heard about them from Twin Cities Mom Collective!

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